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PR, Radiation And Bad Science

PR, Radiation And Bad Science Australian IT Journalist: Stewart Fist July 25, 2000 This is the Information Age. Right? And Australia is the Lucky Country, the Smart Country, or the Knowledge Nation, depending on which academic, lobbyist or politician you talk to. Meanwhile, Kim Beazley’s Labor Party has put out to pasture the only science […]

B.C.’s Cellphone Radiation Levels Safe

B.C.’s Cellphone Radiation Levels Safe Vancouver Sun Journalist: Jeff Lee July 24, 2000 Cellular phones sold here all have radiation levels considered safe by the federal government, but the levels vary greatly from phone to phone, according to figures obtained by The Vancouver Sun. Cellphone makers are required to file radiation data with the U.S. […]

Cellular Phones To Carry Radiation Level Label

Cellular Phone To Carry Radiation Level Label New York Times Journalist: Simon Romero July 19, 2000 Moving to ease concern over possible health risks from cell phones, the largest manufacturers of cellular telephones are planning to disclose on their packages the radiation levels emitted from the devices they sell. Under a proposal submitted by the […]

What Health Risks Do You Face Using Your Smartphone?

What Health Risks Do You Face Using Your Mobile Phone? CNET News Journalist: Corey Grice July 18, 2000 At the behest of a major wireless industry trade group and amid heightening concerns about potential health risks, many smartphones will soon carry information about radiation levels. The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) yesterday announced plans to […]

Cell Phone Standards ‘Fail To Reflect Risk’

Cell Phone Standards ‘Fail To Reflect Risk’ The Courier-Mail Journalist: Sean Parnell June 21, 2000   The Australian Senate has been told that mobile telephone standards in the country do not adequately reflect health risks.   On 20 June 2000, principal scientific officer at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital, Peter French, called for tougher restrictions on […]

FCC: Cell Phone Safety Tests Need Standards

FCC: Cell Phone Tests Need Standards Dallas Morning News October 23, 1999 U.S. regulators warned a technical panel Friday to promptly develop tests for determining safe levels of wireless phone emissions or face standards imposed by the Federal Communications Commission. Manufacturers such as Motorola Inc. and Nokia Oyj use different methods for testing microwave radiation […]

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