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RF Safe’s Anti-Radiation Smartphone Cases Salute 1st Amendment By Including Berkeley Cell Phone Radiation Safety Warning

Right to Know about cell phone radiation

RF Safe Invokes First Amendment Rights by Printing Berkeley’s cell phone radiation Warning Directly Inside RF Safe Anti-Radiation Cell Phone Cases. The CTIA disputing Berkeley’s ‘Right to Know’ Cell Phone Radiation Warning Ordinance, may have serious health ramifications that could impede extensive research into health effects of smartphone usage.   RF Safe openly rebuts CTIA […]

RF Safe Sees Hyper Growth In Protection From Potential Cell Phone Radiation Hazards

cell phone radiation sar head

An internet based company founded 18yrs ago to provide protection from dangerous non-ionizing levels of microwave radiation proves to be the leader of a growing industry.  The small company started in Aspen, Colorado focused on radio frequency radiation safety back when there were only 33 million cell phones in the USA – where today their […]

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