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Study Cell Phone Radiation Can Damage Eyes Cause Early Cataracts

The scientists, who have studied the impact of electromagnetic waves on human eye, say that cell phone usage can also lead to early cataract in lens apart from affecting retina, cornea and other ocular systems of the eye.

cell phone radiation on eyes
cell phone radiation on eyes

While scientists across the globe are still debating whether cell phone radiation exposure results in brain tumors, a new study carried out by scientists at Charotar University of Science and Technology (CHARUSAT) has revealed that cell phones also affect eyes.

“The wavelength of wireless signals (which is about 2 to 2.5 cm) used for cell phones and other wireless terminals matches with that received by the human eye. The dielectric constant (absorption capacity) of eye tissues is around 70 which is greater than unity (above 50). This means that the eye can absorb electromagnetic energy very quickly,” explains Dwivedi.

These scientists have also recommended that a mobile handset should be kept as far as possible from the eye. “It should not be used more than is necessary. A user should avoid use of mobile in rural areas or a car where the cell phone uses more power and the SAR value can be ten or hundred times higher than the normal,” they suggest.

“The problem is not that the eye absorbs the energy, but that the heat absorbed by the eye does not get transmitted or radiated out of the body,” says Dwivedi, adding that prolonged usage of cell phones can affect retina, sclera, lens, cornea as well as vitreous humour which are parts of the human eye.

It’s important to know that SAR guidelines enforced by the FCC don’t take into consideration effects on eyes,  and recently the FCC has deemed when it comes to exposure to cell phone radiation your ears aren’t part of your body anymore either.  Your ear is now considered an “extremity” and is now able to absorb more radiation without running afoul of FCC rules.

During the study, scientists computed the specific absorption rate (SAR) and maximum temperature increase in the eye because of electromagnetic radio frequency fields generated by wireless terminals such as a mobile phones. SAR and temperature rise depend on the distance between eye and radio frequency transceiver (the cell phone).

It has been proven ROS occurs in 92% of the studies which addressed exposure to RF radiation well under SAR thresholds currently upheld by the FCC.  This non thermal mechanism for DNA damage from so-called safe levels of cellphone radiation exposure can’t be denied.

Scientific Experts on Cellphone Radiation Demand Stronger FCC Safety Regulations


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