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Smartphones Under Memory Loss Scrutiny

Smartphones Under Memory Loss Scrutiny – Dumb Call
Australian News Network
March 7, 1999

Australian scientists will investigate whether mobile phones are bad for your health.

British researchers have already claimed mobile phones can lead to memory loss and lack of concentration.

Now an 18-month study of 100 volunteers in NSW will determine whether electromagnetic radiation affects concentration, attention, problem solving and memory.

Dr Con Stough, senior lecturer in cognitive neuroscience at Victoria’s Swinburne University of Technology, will lead the study.

He said there was not enough evidence to determine whether mobiles – used by 800,000 Australians – were safe.

“It worries me that as a community we’ve really assumed there are no deleterious health affects and that may not be the most sensible assumption,” Dr Stough said.

“People say they’ve had to use a mobile phone at work and they become quite forgetful and distractible.”

Mobiles could also be affecting car drivers’ concentration, even after hanging up.

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