Recently added’s Apocalyptical Writer Philip Plait Ushers In Death By Leaving Wireless Radiation Out Of Doomsday Scenario

Phil Plait writes Slate’s Bad Astronomy blog @BadAstronomer which amounts to very bad science as well.  This self proclaiming evangelizer of death, and author of Death From the Skies seems to cunningly look forward to your children dying of cancer like the devil himself disguised as a grim reaper.

At least that’s the only way one can possibly explain the total spin of disinformation his blog has fueled about a very insightful New York Times story published on March 18th by New York Times writer, Nick Bilton, originally titled “Could Wearable Computers Be as Harmful as Cigarettes?”, but due the the apocalyptic nature of mainstream websites that will quickly put lives at risk for advertising dollars.  Phil Plait and the aren’t alone on this dark side of online media.

Soon after publication these mainstream (paid for) pro-wireless industry columnists, or should we say pro-wireless propagandists, flooded the internet with bullying comments towards Bilton’s story.   Ultimately this led to actions taken by the NYT, which showed a true weakness in core management’s editorial decision making, and the title of the story was changed and all references to tweets using the original story title were deleted.

The new headline is now titled, “The Health Concerns in Wearable Tech” – quite the modest downplay of risk and actual health hazards from exposure to microwave radiation.

However, the NYT backpedaling is another story altogether showing they have lost their will to stand up for the freedom of writers who truly inform the public of dangers, and therefore; the NYT becomes a worthless news source too easily persuaded by industry pressure that takes away their writers freedom of speech as it was intended.

The remainder of this post will be dedicated to correcting Phil Plait Slate’s Bad Astronomy Blog which by all means is apocalyptical, simply because of the ill directed advice given to readers and out right lies has allowed this stargazer to publish to counter the truth about wireless health hazards and the uncertainty ahead of wearable computers that transmit microwave radiation into your body.

More to come…..




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