Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus SAR Level Summary

Galaxy S24 Plus

Head SAR (Cellular Only)
Radiation Levels Head Body Hot Spot
Cellular Only 1.16 W/kg 1.14 W/kg 1.55 W/kg
Wi-Fi + Cellular 1.34 W/kg 1.55 W/kg 1.35 W/kg

Understanding Your Device’s Safety Standards

When it comes to choosing a smartphone, savvy consumers are interested not only in features and performance but also in safety. A critical aspect of this safety is the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) level, which measures how much radio frequency (RF) energy the body absorbs when using a mobile device. Today, we’re breaking down the SAR levels of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus to give you a clear picture of what these numbers mean and how they fit within safety regulations.

What is SAR and Why Should You Care? SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate, and it’s a way to measure the rate of RF energy absorption by the body from devices like smartphones. Regulatory agencies like the FCC in the U.S. have set SAR limits to ensure that devices are safe for use. The lower the SAR value, the lower the exposure to RF energy.

This SAR chart reveals how turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus can significantly reduce your exposure to radiation. Our SAR comparison chart shows that by simply turning off these transmitters, you can lower the RF radiation exposure to your head by 13.1%, and you can lower exposure to the body by 26.5%, when considering these differences between cellular-only (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth OFF) and simultaneous use exposure (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth ON), a wise way to reduce excessive phone radiation is to tap off unnecessary transmitters when not in use. Additionally, when using your phone as a hotspot, turning off Bluetooth can reduce your exposure by up to 14.8% according to the FCC SAR report for device number A3LSMS926U.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus SAR Levels For the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, the SAR values are as follows:

  • Cellular Transmission SAR: The head SAR level is 1.16 W/kg, and the body SAR level is 1.14 W/kg. These values are within the FCC’s safety limit of 1.6 W/kg, averaged over one gram of tissue.
  • Hotspot/Airplay SAR: The SAR level for hotspot or Airplay use is 1.55 W/kg. While slightly higher than the cellular transmission values, it still falls under the safety guidelines.
  • Simultaneous Transmission SAR: When the Galaxy S24 Plus operates its cellular and Wi-Fi transmitters at the same time, the SAR values are slightly different. The head SAR level is 1.34 W/kg, the body SAR is 1.55 W/kg, and the hotspot SAR is 1.35 W/kg when used simultaneously with other transmitters.

View the official FCC SAR report for the S24 Plus here

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus SAR Levels: Under the Microscope

A Spotlight on Safety Standards It’s important to note that the SAR values of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus comply with the current FCC guidelines. However, these very guidelines have recently come under scrutiny. The FCC faced a lawsuit challenging the adequacy of its RF exposure limits, with the claimants suggesting that the standards, which have not been updated since 1996, do not account for the latest research on RF health effects. Although the FCC’s current limits remain in effect, this legal challenge highlights the ongoing debate about what constitutes safe levels of RF exposure in our modern, connected age.

Using Your Device with Awareness Despite the Galaxy S24 Plus meeting established safety standards, users should be mindful of their RF exposure. Practical steps, such as utilizing hands-free accessories or speaker mode and keeping devices away from the body when possible, can help reduce exposure.

 Safety and Standards in the Balance The Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus meets the FCC’s safety standards, but the conversation around these standards is evolving. As consumers, staying informed about these discussions and the potential need for more contemporary safety guidelines is crucial. With the Galaxy S24 Plus, you can connect with confidence while staying abreast of the latest in device safety.

For more insights on device safety standards and how they affect you, keep following our blog.


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