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RF Safe is always trying to provide you with information you need, and we always want to make sure we have research that is tailored to everyone’s needs when it comes to cell phone radiation. Overall we started this site to be used as a tool for people to find information about RF Safety.

We have developed many products to help shield RF Radiation to protect family, and friends. We try to make it as convenient as possible to use your phone safely, without having to just toss the thing all together. I mean come on who has the will power to not use awesome wireless devices, but why not use it safer with products and techniques.  At RF Safe we are doing amazing things in the wireless industry all together. We don’t want to be known for a cell phone case but to be known for changing the way you use wireless in so many ways.

Currently one of the most near and dear projects to RF Safe Corporation is the SAR Angel Database, this database base will be used to create the first app with an SAR checker,  called SAR Angel, this will provide on demand access to all SAR Levels at the tips of your fingers. So that while you shop or while you educate your friends you have all the SAR information you could ask for easy and accessible.

Please test it out located in the side bar. All you need is the FCC ID number and you just enter the first there digits in the Grantee Code, then enter the Product code which is the rest of the number.

RF Safe is more than meets the eye, when you purchase from us you not only make yourself safer but you change the world of wireless. One day we will have a safer more advanced tech world. In fact it’s closer then we think.

The SAR Angel App will be a name sake app dedicated to John Coates, CEO/Founder’s, daughter Angel Leigh Coates. She was exposed to RF radiation during early fetal development, she passed shortly after birth of a neural-tube defect.

Since that moment things have never been the same John has dedicated 18 years to providing research and information around the world.  He is happy to be one step closer to developing a product to provide actual, fast, and easy SAR Data for Smartphone shoppers.

For now we have made it so simple to look it up by computer, but this is the start of something that will provide information on your device.  Not to mention all profits from the app will go to research on health effects from cell phone radiation, because knowledge is power.
Remember this is a small piece of the SAR Angel App. so jump in and search some phones. Get curious, this is your life or someone you knows life. It’s worth it to know the output to make wiser decisions on usage techniques or possibly changing your choice in device all together.

As always thank you for your support in all of RF Safe’s ventures. Without you none of this would be possible.

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