RF Safe® Anti-Radiation EMF Blocking Cell Phone Cases

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RF Safe Flip Case Radiation Shields

RF Safe has been offering RF Shielded phone cases online since the late 1990’s – as bar phones evolved into the latest smartphones, RF Safe Flip Case Radiation Shields were designed after extensive research was conducted to determine the most effective method of deflecting phone radiation away from the head and body of a smartphone user “without covering the antenna or increasing radiation emissions”. See videos of different meters testing RF Safe cases against all the rest!

This is a very critical design consideration! ALL scientists can agree that shielding products, particularly those that cover the antenna, create an even greater health risk by causing the phone to increase its output power in either omnidirectional or directional patterns around the cell phone handset. When this occurs, radiation exposure may increase substantially.

This is the number one reason the rear of all RF Safe cases are transparent to microwaves to avoid disrupting any signal strength between the device and cellular tower – which keeps the cell phone’s output power within normal operational levels.  In 25 Years, RF Safe has never made an Anti-radiation phone case that contains metallic carrying strap loops, or magnetically detachable components because these design features disrupt the ability to control the radiation from the phone.

RF Safe methodologies for shielding cell phone radiation only use technologies to deflect radiation directed towards the user’s body and will not cause the phone to increase output power. RF Safe’s technical goal is only blocking RF radiation that your body would have absorbed (line-of-sight radiation, in relationship to the device itself and your body) — radiation absorbed into your body wasn’t helping the cell tower connection or your health. Keeping this in mind, only the front shielded part of the phone should always face your body.

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