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RF Safe Case Outperforms Safesleeve Case, Defender Shield Case and Pong Case – All kinds of RF Meters

YouTube Citizen Scientist Presents Phone Radiation Shield Test

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Over decades, tech enthusiasts, skeptics, and the curious alike have pitted RF Safe cases against every contender in the market. Armed with an array of RF meters, they’ve conducted battle after battle, only to crown RF Safe as the most tested and triumphant design since it stormed the internet in the 1990s with its revolutionary open-source blueprint for reducing cell phone radiation.

Why Does An RF Safe Case Protect Better Than The Rest? This Video Explains It!

RF Safe Case vs Defender Shield Case 

In the Internet era, research moves from professionals’ labs to amateurs’ homes.  A citizen scientist is an everyday person, who is not a trained scientist, yet they greatly contribute to public awareness and become directly involved using a scientific approach — they understand the basic research questions and they want to help everyday people like themselves find answers to those questions using proven scientific methods.

The very reason this type of citizen science is growing in popularity comes from the lay community wanting to be closer to the interface of science to find truth in a very polarized academic society that’s unable to establish proper safety standards for wireless technology —  In this video a popular RF meter is used to test the performance of RF shielding used in two phone radiation cases.  One made by RF Safe and the other by DenfenderShield


From regular people to news stations around the world, “using a variety of different RF Meters”, all say the same thing!   To sum it up!  Be RF Safe To Be Sure!






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