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Pregnant? Protect Your Baby and Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation

In this video from Baby Safe Project Org, four moms talk about their decision to avoid microwave radiation from cell phones and wireless networks during pregnancy.

Dr. Hugh Taylor from Yale University talks about his study linking exposure to cell phone radiation with neurological and behavioral problems including symptoms resembling attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Learn more about the Baby Safe Project and what this group is doing to inform soon to be mothers about the risk of cell phone radiation exposure and pregnancy at   You can join this conversation on Twitter at #KnowYourExposure.

Well respected doctors and scientist have made their professional opinion very clear in a recent news conference announcing The Baby Safe Project in New York June 3rd 2014

“As a public health expert, I am deeply concerned about the experiment we are conducting on our pregnant women and young children today,” says Dr. Devra Lee Davis, author of numerous books on wireless radiation and human health, and founder of the Environmental Health Trust. “We cannot afford to treat this generation as experiments in a subject with no controls. We’ve got to be smarter. ”

“Pregnant women deserve to know that wireless radiation can have an impact on the developing brain,” says Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, a pediatric neurologist practicing in New York.

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