Google Pixel 5 EU SAR Level Specifications

EU SAR Level
EU SAR RatingsEuropean Legal Limit is 2.0 W/kg - EU SAR testing is measured in watts per kilogram (or W/kg) averaged over TEN grams of simulated biological tissue.
Head SAR LevelN/A
Body SAR LevelN/A

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Google Pixel 5 Safety Tip: Turning Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Reduces Radiation.

This SAR chart reveals how turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your Google Pixel 5 can significantly reduce your exposure to radiation. Our SAR comparison chart shows that by simply turning off these transmitters, you can lower the RF radiation exposure to your head by 18.4%, and you can lower exposure to the body by 20.6%, when considering these differences between cellular-only (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth OFF) and simultaneous use exposure (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth ON), a wise way to reduce excessive phone radiation is to tap off unnecessary transmitters when not in use. Additionally, when using your phone as a hotspot, turning off Bluetooth can reduce your exposure by up to 61.2% according to the FCC SAR report for device number A4RGD1YQ.

Google Pixel 5 SAR Levels

Comparison of SAR levels between cellular-only and simultaneous exposure
HEAD1.16 W/kg18.4%0.98 W/kg
BODY1.18 W/kg20.6%1.487 W/kg
HOTSPOT0.98 W/kg61.2%1.58 W/kg