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National Toxicology Program (NTP) Ends Research on RFR “Cell Phone Radiation”!

See: NTP Study on Cell Phone Radiation: Methodology, Findings and What’s Next?

January 2024: An updated fact sheet says that the follow-up RFR studies are now ‘complete’. Publication of the results is expected ‘sometime in 2024’. PDF Cellphone Radio Frequency Radiation Studies Fact Sheet

No More Funds: The completion of the National Toxicology Program’s (NTP) research on RFR, with the conclusion of “clear evidence” of carcinogenic effects in animal studies, indeed marks a significant milestone.

The designation of “clear evidence” by the NTP in their study is the highest level of evidence within their experimental framework. This conclusion is indeed impactful, as it reflects a strong assertion by a reputable scientific body about the potential risks associated with RFR exposure, specifically in the context of the studies they conducted.

The fact that the NTP is not planning further research in this area could be interpreted in several ways. It might suggest that they consider their findings conclusive enough to inform future policies and regulations. Alternatively, it reflects resource allocation decisions that the study was effective in its goals and other areas of scientific research are actively utilizing the mechanisms that caused cancer to kill cancer. Regardless, the outcome of additional studies – identifying clear evidence of carcinogenicity in animal models – is a critical piece of information in the ongoing evaluation of the safety of RFR exposure.

This conclusion by the NTP, combined with other research in the field, indeed speaks volumes about the potential risks associated with RFR. It underscores the need for regulatory bodies, health organizations, and the telecommunications industry to take these findings seriously and consider them in the development of safety standards and guidelines.

The NTP’s findings and their decision to conclude this chapter of research contribute significantly to the body of evidence on RFR and its potential health impacts. This development should be a key consideration in future discussions and decisions regarding RFR safety standards and public health policies.

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