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Google Pixel 7a Display Review: OLED, HDR, and 90Hz Refresh Rate

Google Pixel 7a Display Review: OLED, HDR, and 90Hz Refresh Rate

The Google Pixel 7a boasts a 6.1-inch OLED display with HDR capabilities, making for stunningly vibrant colors and deep blacks. The 90Hz refresh rate also adds to the smoothness of the display, making for a seamless user experience.

Google Pixel 7a display Review
Google Pixel 7a
display Type
display Size
6.1 inches, 89.8 cm2
display Resolution
1080 x 2400 pixels, 20:9 ratio (~431 ppi density)
display Protection
Corning Gorilla Glass
display Features
Always-on display
Display Test
Display Review
Review Google Pixel 7a Display Review

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The display resolution of the Google Pixel 7a is 1080 x 2400 pixels, with a 20:9 aspect ratio, resulting in a pixel density of around 431 pixels per inch. This ensures that the text and images on the screen are sharp and clear, making it easy to read and view content.

Corning Gorilla Glass provides protection for the display, making it resistant to scratches and damage from accidental drops. Additionally, the Google Pixel 7a features an always-on display, allowing you to see important notifications and information at a glance without needing to unlock your phone.

In terms of market competition, the Google Pixel 7a’s OLED display with HDR and 90Hz refresh rate is comparable to other flagship phones in the market, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the iPhone 12. However, the Google Pixel 7a’s display resolution is slightly lower than that of these other phones.

Overall, if you’re looking for a phone with a stunning display that delivers vibrant colors and a smooth user experience, the Google Pixel 7a is a great choice.


1. What is an OLED display?
– An OLED display is a type of display technology that uses organic compounds to emit light when an electric current is applied. This allows for deeper blacks and more vibrant colors compared to traditional LCD displays.

2. What is HDR?
– HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is a technology that allows for a wider range of colors and brightness levels to be displayed on a screen.

3. What is a refresh rate?
– A refresh rate refers to the number of times per second that a display refreshes its image. A higher refresh rate can result in a smoother and more seamless user experience.

4. What is Corning Gorilla Glass?
– Corning Gorilla Glass is a type of toughened glass that is used to protect the display of many smartphones. It is designed to resist scratches and damage from accidental drops.

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