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We Are Electric Is Sally Adee’s Journey into Bioelectricity and its Future

In “We Are Electric,” Sally Adee embarks on an insightful exploration of our body’s bioelectric code, offering a fresh perspective on the 200-year journey of electricity in medicine and its potential future applications. A Personal and Historical Perspective Adee’s book opens with a personal account, paralleling her experience with electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) to a historical […]

Thoughts on the possible health effects of electric and magnetic fields (EMF)

The document titled “Some thoughts on the possible health effects of electric and magnetic fields and exposure guidelines” offers a comprehensive perspective on the potential health impacts of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). It examines the complexity of determining safe exposure levels, considering the non-linear nature of EMF effects and the varied biological responses observed in cellular […]

Biological Effects of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields (Part 3 of 16)

The document “Biological Effects of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields (Part 3 of 16)” provides an extensive overview of the impact of electric and magnetic fields generated by power systems on public health. It discusses various aspects, including people’s exposure to these fields, scientific evidence on their biological effects, and the history of research […]

EMF Insights “The Invisible Rainbow”

Arthur Firstenberg’s “The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life” is a crucial text in understanding the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on health. This review appreciates the book’s depth and its alignment with both historical and recent scientific insights. Book Overview Firstenberg’s book intricately weaves the history of electricity with its biological impacts. […]

Time To Fill The Void! National Toxicology Program (NTP) Ends RFR Research

Research Void Is Huge Opportunity! Reassessing the EMF Research There is nothing new here, In 1977 Dr. Robert Becker, explained the disturbing trend that started in the 70s and answered why the #NTP halted further #cellphoneradiation (#EMF) health effects research after finding “Clear Evidence Of Cancer”!  The EMF safety community is at a pivotal moment […]

Groundbreaking Study on Radiofrequency Radiation’s Genetic Code Impact

In debates on cell phone radiation health effects where the relevance of animal studies to human health is questioned, this study provides a strong counterpoint. The key aspect is the morphological similarity between tumors found in rats exposed to RFR and low-grade human gliomas. This similarity suggests that the biological effects observed in rats could […]

Internet of Body (IoB) networks – Inter-body coupling in electro-quasistatic human body communication

EQS-HBC: The Future of Communication and Its Hidden Risks Summary: This scientific paper investigates Electro-quasistatic Human Body Communication (EQS-HBC), focusing on the inter-body coupling aspect and its implications for security and interference. The study explores a novel attack modality where the attacker’s body acts as a capacitive coupler, potentially intercepting EQS-HBC signals. It also examines […]

National Toxicology Program (NTP) Ends Research on RFR “Cell Phone Radiation”!

See: NTP Study on Cell Phone Radiation: Methodology, Findings and What’s Next? January 2024: An updated fact sheet says that the follow-up RFR studies are now ‘complete’. Publication of the results is expected ‘sometime in 2024’. PDF Cellphone Radio Frequency Radiation Studies Fact Sheet No More Funds: The completion of the National Toxicology Program’s (NTP) research […]

Microwaving the Threat With Raytheon’s DEFEND System

The Raytheon DEFEND system, which is a high-power microwave (HPM) air defense system, operates using microwaves to disrupt and neutralize electronic systems in airborne threats like drones and missiles. Here are some key details about the power and wavelength aspects of such systems: Power Output: The exact power output of the DEFEND system is not […]

Updated Cellphone Radio Frequency Radiation Studies Fact Sheet (January 2024)

“Clear Evidence” (the highest category) of carcinogenicity Download PDF Cellphone Radio Frequency Radiation Studies Fact Sheet At RF Safe, we want to address the growing concerns surrounding radiofrequency radiation (RFR) and its potential health effects, especially concerning turbo cancer risk. Many in our community are understandably upset by the National Toxicology Program’s (NTP) decision to […]

Governments Set To Microwave Life On Earth To Defeat Global Warming

The video makes an interesting comparison between the microwaves beamed down from Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) systems and the electromagnetic radiation emitted by Wi-Fi routers, especially in the context of public health concerns related to electromagnetic radiation. Microwave Transmission from SBSP: Nature of Radiation: The SBSP systems propose to use microwave radiation to transmit energy […]

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