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The Body Electric: Biological effects of ELF magnetic and electric fields

In this special, Robert O. Becker was also interviewed and defended his stance publicly that ELF EMFs CAN be harmful to human health.

This special highlighted how the Navy suppressed the report for 3 YEARS from the public but also gave insight into all perspectives.  The result? After many construction delays, another renaming to Project ELF, and more Becker testimonials against it, the antenna was finished in 1989 and operated until 2004 before being shut down.

This public stance against ELF EMFs, and the Navy was a death sentence for Becker’s research career. And this is a large reason why there is VERY LITTLE unbiased research on the biological effects of nnEMFs since this time period.

This is why I am skeptical of anyone who dismisses the biological effects of EMFs as “woo” or “lacking evidence”. It is clear that this topic has been suppressed heavily from being researched, but that has not stopped some from writing/investigating more about it…

Dr. Robert Becker, a pioneer in the study of bioelectricity and its profound implications for health and healing. Today, we delve into Becker’s fascinating journey, as revealed in his influential book, ‘The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life.’ Becker, an orthopedic surgeon with a keen interest in electric potentials in organisms, made significant strides in understanding how living tissues generate measurable electric charges.

His research in the 1960s shed light on the piezoelectric properties of bone, leading to potential applications in treating ununited fractures through electrotherapy. While later findings questioned the effectiveness of this approach, Becker’s insights opened new doors in medical science.

Perhaps most intriguing is Becker’s exploration of extrasensory perception and its connection to ELF waves, a topic that stirs both curiosity and controversy. ‘The Body Electric’ dives deep into the world of regeneration, particularly in amphibians, revealing how electric fields might control this remarkable process. Becker’s findings on the electrical properties of the skin and their relation to acupuncture charts offer a unique blend of traditional knowledge and modern science.

The legacy of Dr. Robert Becker, a man whose work challenged conventional wisdom and offered a new lens through which to view our bioelectric selves. From his insights into electromagnetic pollution’s impact on health to his patent for stimulating tissue healing, Becker’s contributions remain a vital part of our understanding of the intricate relationship between electromagnetism and life

Denver-Based Study by Nancy Wertheimer: This epidemiological study found a correlation between childhood cancer and magnetic fields emanating from power lines. Wertheimer’s research was pivotal in drawing attention to potential health risks associated with electromagnetic fields.

Experiments by Dr. Robert Becker: Dr. Becker conducted research into the biological effects of magnetic and electric fields. He was involved in a study of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Radiation sponsored by the US Navy. Interestingly, the article notes that the Navy suppressed a negative report from this study.

Public Hearings Involving Dr. Becker: Dr. Becker participated in public hearings regarding the safety of a 765-kilovolt power line in upstate New York. During these hearings, he detailed the adverse biological effects of ELF fields discovered through the Navy’s research.

Swedish Study by Dr. Lennard Tomenius: This study supported Wertheimer’s findings by indicating a link between childhood cancer rates and strong magnetic fields produced by power lines.

Research by Dr. W. Ross Adey: By the end of 1975, Dr. Adey had compiled significant evidence showing that weak electromagnetic fields directly affect the vertebrate nervous system.


 Books to Read to Open Your Mind About EMFs 1) Body Electric-Robert O. Becker 2) Cross Currents-Robert O. Becker 3) Going Somewhere-Andrew Marino 4) Invisible Rainbow-Arthur Firstenberg 5) EMF*d-

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