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EMF Insights “The Invisible Rainbow”

Arthur Firstenberg’s “The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life” is a crucial text in understanding the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on health. This review appreciates the book’s depth and its alignment with both historical and recent scientific insights.

Book Overview Firstenberg’s book intricately weaves the history of electricity with its biological impacts. The narrative is both enlightening and thought-provoking, urging a reconsideration of electricity’s role in health.

Scientific Perspectives The book aligns with Robert Becker’s pioneering work on EMFs and health. It underscores the validity of early studies, especially in light of recent scientific findings and technological advancements.

Recent Studies and Technology Advancements like TheraBionic’s cancer treatment using EMFs echo the book’s themes. These breakthroughs underscore the foresight of early research and affirm the book’s perspective.

Critical Analysis Firstenberg’s reliance on foundational studies is not a weakness but a strength. These studies laid the groundwork for current technologies and validated the book’s arguments.

“The Invisible Rainbow” is an essential read for understanding the complex relationship between EMFs and health. It bridges the past and present, showcasing the enduring relevance of early research in today’s scientific landscape.

This review celebrates Firstenberg’s work, emphasizing its historical significance and continued relevance in light of current scientific advancements.

Personal motive

I believed I was being affected by EMF (electric and magnetic fields). Our home Wi-Fi was reading four times the power and strength that had been our norm. This, for a time, on reflection, was affecting the atmosphere in the house, and, for a while, possibly my physical well-being too. Therefore, I had a strong motive to press on with this book.

Indeed, ‘The Invisible Rainbow’ has proved a real blessing and acts as a handy reference book. It is well-written and extremely well-researched, tracing the ground-breaking history of electricity from the 1700s as it’s never been told before.

The author’s premise is that the high, constant use of electricity and waves in our modern world distorts the natural system in creation, which our bodies struggle to handle. As he says, “The 60-cycle current in our household wiring, the ultrasonic frequencies in our computers, the radio waves in our televisions, the microwaves in our cell phones; these are only distortions of the invisible rainbow that runs through our veins and makes us alive, but we have forgotten.”

Prior to 1860…

The author brings to the table very insightful concepts on some of the most prevalent diseases that plague the Western world today. He gives evidence that many illnesses did not exist before 1860 when telegraph wires first encircled the earth. Before 1860, diabetes was so rare that few doctors saw more than one or two cases in their lifetime. The author goes on to state that heart disease at that time was so rare that you were more likely to die from accidentally drowning.

According to the author, cancer was exceedingly rare before that date too; even tobacco smoking in non-electrified times did not cause cancer. He implies these are diseases of civilization that we have inflicted upon ourselves and our planet.

According to the author, cancer was exceedingly rare before that date (1860); even tobacco smoking in non-electrified times did not cause cancer.

There are concerns, however, with Fistenberg’s claims about ‘anxiety disorder’, presently afflicting one-sixth of humanity, that we had no hint of its appearance in the medical literature before 1866. The suggested link to electricity here is dubious, given that anxiety has plagued mankind from the beginning of time (see Ps 94:19Prov12:25Ezek 4:16, etc).

Similarly, the author claims that influenza, in its present form, first appeared in 1889, coinciding with the introduction of alternating current. Firstenberg states that many of the doctors who were flooded with the disease in 1889 had never seen a single case before. Yet influenza is a virus, so surely cannot be caused by electricity? There appears to be an over-willingness on the author’s part to attribute the problems he sees purely to the effects of EM radiation.

Cell phones, Wi-Fi, and ants

Nonetheless, it was of interest to me that the variety of influenza symptoms from EMF that the author noted had a similarity to what many people have experienced in the last two years and resonated with my personal experience. Even the concept that this could be the case was illuminating.

When cell phones connected to Wifi were placed next to ants for 30 minutes, it took them between six and eight hours to recover.

Another aspect that I found interesting was the experiment with cell phones, Wifi, and ants. When cell phones connected to Wifi were placed next to ants for 30 minutes, it made them appear sick, affecting movement and communication, and it took them between six and eight hours to recover. Several were found dead a few days later. The same large-scale experiments were performed using a cordless phone, a Wifi router, a baby monitor, a microwave oven, and several Bluetooth devices, all with similar harmful effects.

Waves of Vatican controversy

Frequency can be powerful and detrimental to humanity. Here is an important excerpt from chapter 13, ‘Cancer and the starvation of life’:

On February 24th 2011, Italy’s Supreme Court upheld the criminal conviction of Cardinal Roberto Tucci, former President of the Vatican’s radio management committee, for creating a public nuisance by polluting the environment with radio waves. The Vatican broadcasts to the world, transmitting in forty languages, emanate from fifty-eight powerful radio towers, occupying over one thousand acres of land, surrounded by suburban communities.

For decades, the residents have been screaming that the transmission was destroying their health as well as causing an epidemic in childhood leukaemia. A charge against the Vatican was brought and an official investigation was carried out. The results, which were shocking, were released on Nov 13th 2010.

Between 1997 and 2003, children aged between one and four years, who lived between 6 and 12 kilometres from the Vatican’s radio antennae farm, developed leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma at an eight times higher ratio than children who lived further away. On February 4th 2011, the Supreme Court in Italy upheld the 2005 conviction of Cardinal Tucci for polluting Rome with radio waves. A 10-day suspended jail sentence was his only punishment. No one was ever compensated for their injuries and the Vatican’s radio antennae carry on as normal.”

Trustworthy independent scientists have warned of the dangers of 5G, not least how they can affect the oxygen levels in the blood of humans.

Of significance to us all

Recently, at a US Senate hearing, telecommunication companies admitted that no research had been done on the health risks of 5G. This is most alarming, for 5G is being rolled out across the UK and the Western world. Yet trustworthy independent scientists have warned of the dangers of 5G, not least how they can affect the oxygen levels in the blood of humans.

And the whole concept raises the question of whether even our smart devices could be weaponized. In Australia this year, the authorities used a form of EMF waves to disperse the crowds, whereas in the past they might have used water cannons.

For me, this book gives a wonderful grounding and base to observe the variety of agendas playing out in the realms of technology and electricity in the present day that, in my view, will affect humanity profoundly. Smart cars, smart cities, and satellites thrown into space beaming down 5G intended to cover the world, which is essential for the World Economic Forum (WEF) to bring in their Agenda 30 and total surveillance of the earth. This is no conspiracy theory – the information can be found on their website.

5G is essential for the World Economic Forum (WEF) to bring in their Agenda 30 and total surveillance of the earth.

I think this is a profound and unique book, which we can all greatly learn from; From the average reader to the titled academic, there is something for everyone. Just as issues such as climate change and COVID-19 lockdowns are of enormous significance to Christians across the globe, so are the topics covered in this fine study.

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