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Big TechFunded Groups Fight Against Bills to Protect Children Online

Big Tech-Funded Groups Oppose State Bills to Protect Children Online

As more children spend time online, lawmakers across the United States have been pushing for stronger protections to safeguard children from the dangers of the internet. However, Big Tech companies, such as Amazon, Google, and Meta, are opposing measures aimed at protecting children online. The companies are using their considerable political clout and financial resources to fight against child protection bills in states across the country.

Tech Giants Amazon, Google, and Meta Push to Kill Children’s Online Safety Measures

Amazon, Google, and Meta are among the biggest opponents of child protection bills in the United States. These tech giants, who have a significant financial stake in the online child market, have hired lobbyists and invested heavily in organizations like NetChoice to fight against proposed legislation. The bills in question include measures aimed at regulating online privacy, curbing cyberbullying, and preventing access to sexually explicit content.

NetChoice, a Tech Trade Association Funded by Big Tech, Leads Opposition to Child Protection Bills

NetChoice is a powerful tech trade association that advocates for fewer regulations in the tech industry. The group is funded by some of the biggest names in the tech sector, including Amazon, Google, and Facebook. NetChoice has been at the forefront of the fight against child protection bills, opposing measures that would require parental consent for data collection, prohibit targeted advertising to minors, and mandate age verification for social media platforms.

States Rush to Fill Void in Children’s Online Safety Protections as Federal Efforts Stall

As the federal government struggles to enact comprehensive child protection measures, states are stepping up to fill the void. Across the country, lawmakers are introducing bills aimed at protecting children from online predators, cyberbullying, and other online dangers. The state-level bills cover a broad range of topics, including parental consent for data collection, age verification for social media platforms, and criminal penalties for online bullying.

Tech Trade Groups Deploy Lobbyists and Misleading Tactics to Oppose State Bills for Children’s Online Safety

Tech trade groups like NetChoice are deploying a range of tactics to oppose state bills aimed at protecting children online. These groups have hired teams of lobbyists, who use misleading tactics and misinformation to sway lawmakers. Some of the tactics used include framing child protection bills as censorship and arguing that they would be difficult to enforce. The tech trade groups are also making large political donations to lawmakers who oppose child protection bills.

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