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Apple iPhone Lowest to Highest Radiation Phones Released In 2017

Apple's Lowest Radiation Cell Phones of 2017

In 2017, which Apple smartphone had the lowest radiation for Head SAR testing? FCC test reports indicate that the 2017 Apple phone with the lowest SAR rating was 1.08 W/kg, accounting for 67.5% of the 1.6 W/kg limit. In contrast, the highest SAR Head phone from Apple had a 1.14 W/kg rating, or 71.25% of the limit. This equates to a 5.56% difference between the two extremes.

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Head SAR
SAR RankPhone ModelHead SAR Value% Legal Limit
Apple iPhone X 1.08 W/kg67.5%
apple-iphone-8-plus sar
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 1.09 W/kg68.13%
Apple iPhone 8 1.14 W/kg71.25%

Lowest: Apple iPhone X

Highest: Apple iPhone 8

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