RF Safe Air-Tube Headset For iPhones and Samsung Smartphones

New RF Safe hands-free headset brings live acoustic sound to iPhone and Samsung smartphones users worried about cell phone radiation exposure.

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) January 02, 2014

RF Safe is celebrating the beginning of its 16th year of helping cell phone users live both happier and healthier lives with radiation safe, live acoustic sound headsets.

RF Safe air-tube headsets offer smartphone users way more than just protection from any potential health risk associated with exposure to cell phone radiation.

The latest innovations in RF Safe acoustic technology are now available for the newest Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones on the market. Smartphone users are accustom to the latest technical advancements, and now with an RF Safe headset they can experience live acoustic sound without any electrical components in their ears.

RF Safe Air-tube Headset For All Apple iPhone Models

  • iPhone (1st generation), iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, Phone 5S

RF Safe Air-Tube Headset Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Models

  • Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy F

RF Safe’s headset technology utilizes a state-of-the-art enhanced sound chamber which delivers crystal clear acoustic live sound through an air-filled wireless tube (similar to a doctor’s stethoscope). RF Safe is debunking the myth that safer isn’t as much fun. By replacing the wire found on ordinary headsets with patented acoustic air tube technology, the RF Safe headset reduces RF exposure to the head and increases the pleasure of listening to one’s favorite music on their smartphone.

Smartphone users using the newest innovation in radiation safe cell phone headsets also get to experience rich live sound unlike any headset on the market today.

John said RF Safe is a different kind of wireless company – “We give our customers/visitors information to make informed safe wireless decisions thus building credibility and integrity that develops support from even the most unlikely sources.” When confronted with the facts on cell phone safety, responsible people change their reckless cell phone habits.

RF Safe’s reputation is known for pushing leading edge information and technology with a rebellious yet professional business approach to implement safer, green wireless technologies.

And with this – the people, “Consumers” will get what they deserve – assurance they are as safe as possible! said John Coates

RF Safe’s slogan “The Only Way To Trust Wireless!” is a reminder for everyone to be safe when using wireless devices that emit radio frequency radiation, most notably cell phones using the electromagnetic spectrum in microwave range.

Not so smart cell phone users are putting microwave transmitters directly against their heads, and carried close to their bodies all day long. The smartest call any smartphone user can make is to ensure they have taken every step to avoid unnecessary health risk for the sake of mobile conveyance and social connectivity.


RF SAFE is the world’s premier provider of cell phone radiation protection accessories and informational data. Since 1998 RF (Radio Frequency) Safe has been dedicated to evolving the wireless industries safety standards, by engaging in the business of design, testing, manufacture, and sale of safety technologies to mitigate harmful effects of cell phone radiation!

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