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A Parent’s Voice in the Scientific Discourse on EMFs: The Genesis of RF Safe

A Call for Unified Research on EMR Exposure

At the intersection of personal tragedy and scientific exploration is the foundation of RF Safe, an organization birthed from a profound loss and a relentless quest for understanding. Our mission is rooted in the story of Angel Leigh Coates, whose life was cut short by a birth defect attributed to electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure. This narrative, however, extends beyond grief, evolving into a compelling call for a unified approach to research on environmental electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure.

Today, we are privileged to share a letter that embodies this call to action. Addressed to Dr. Michael Levin, a world-renowned leader in regenerative and bioelectric science, the letter respectfully challenges the notion of EMFs as a “red herring” in scientific discourse. It underscores the critical need for integrating personal experiences with scientific research, particularly in understanding how external electromagnetic exposures actively influence the body’s bioelectric functions.

This poignant correspondence advocates for a holistic approach to EMR research, one that bridges the gap between empirical evidence and the lived experiences of those affected by its implications. It is a testament to the belief that science, at its core, is a tool for enhancing life, necessitating a dialogue that is both inclusive and expansive.

Join us in this critical conversation, as we strive to unify the fields of environmental health and bioelectric science in pursuit of a future where technological advancements do not come at the cost of our well-being.

Open Letter To Levin.

Dear Dr. Michael Levin,

I hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits. I am reaching out to engage in a dialogue concerning the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on biological systems, particularly during the earliest stages of human development. While I understand and respect the scientific viewpoints that may consider concerns over EMFs as potentially overstated or a red herring, I wish to share my personal journey and perspective, not as a challenge, but as an addition to the existing discourse.


In 1995, my life was irrevocably changed by the loss of my daughter, Angel Leigh Coates, due to a birth defect that manifested within the first 15 days of pregnancy. This defect, associated with the failure of the neural tube to close properly, sealed my daughter’s fate before her life had barely begun. The pain of this loss was compounded by circumstances, working in a high EM environment at the time. The emerging research from 1997, suggested how our EM environment might influence such critical developmental processes, which has since provided a scientific context to my personal tragedy. EMF-induced abnormalities in chicken embryos (Farrell et al, 1997), noting this study demonstrated the failure of the neural tube to close simulating the birth defect that took my first child’s life.


My intent in writing to you is not to be contentious or to undermine the scientific process, which I hold in the highest regard. Instead, it is to share a narrative that lives outside the confines of controlled studies and data sets. The promise I made to my daughter, to fight against what took her from this world – I’ve concluded this is ignorance about life’s bioelectric operating system and compels me to advocate for a broader understanding and consideration of how EMFs may affect our health and development in ways we are yet to fully comprehend.


The dialogue around EMFs and their impact on health is complex and multifaceted, encompassing a wide range of scientific disciplines and perspectives. The evidence linking EMFs to specific health outcomes, including developmental anomalies, may be inconclusive or contested. However, as a parent who has suffered an unimaginable loss, the potential risks associated with EMFs carry a weight that is both profoundly personal and deeply concerning for public health.


My journey has led me to delve into the research surrounding bioelectrical signaling during early embryonic development and how external factors, including EMF exposure, may influence these critical processes. This exploration is not born out of a desire to find a scapegoat for my loss but from a commitment to understand the complex interplay between our environment and our biology, with the hope of preventing similar tragedies in the future.


I share my story with you, Dr. Levin, not to question your expertise or to suggest that my experience negates the need for rigorous scientific inquiry. Rather, I hope to bridge the gap between personal narratives and scientific discourse, fostering a more inclusive conversation that considers both the data we have and the stories of those whose lives are touched by what that data seeks to explain.


In closing, I deeply respect your contributions to the scientific community and appreciate the opportunity to share my perspective. I believe that by considering a wide range of experiences and viewpoints, we can approach complex issues like the effects of EMFs on health with the nuance and compassion they deserve.


Thank you for your time and consideration.



A parent fighting for Angel!

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