Will the iPhone 15 Pro Max Case Fit the iPhone 16 Pro Max?

As the release of the iPhone 16 Pro Max approaches, a common question on many Apple enthusiasts’ minds is whether their current iPhone 15 Pro Max case will fit the new model. Unfortunately, the answer is no. The iPhone 15 Pro Max case will not fit the iPhone 16 Pro Max due to several changes in dimensions and design. However, we’ve got you covered with the perfect solution to protect your new device: the RF Safe® Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max QuantaCase™ Phone Radiation Shield.

Why the iPhone 15 Pro Max Case Won’t Fit the iPhone 16 Pro Max

1. Differences in Dimensions:

  • iPhone 16 Pro Max: 163.02 x 77.58 x 8.26 mm, 225g
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max: 159.9 x 76.7 x 8.25 mm, 221g

The iPhone 16 Pro Max is slightly larger and heavier than its predecessor. The increased height and width mean that the form factor has changed, making it impossible for the iPhone 15 Pro Max case to fit snugly around the new device.

2. Screen Size and Bezels: The iPhone 16 Pro Max features a larger 6.9″ display, up from the 6.7″ display on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Additionally, the bezel thickness has been reduced to 1.15mm from the previous 1.55mm. This alteration affects the overall fit and finish of any existing case.

3. Design Changes: With each new iPhone iteration, Apple often introduces subtle design tweaks that can impact case compatibility. This includes the placement of buttons, camera modules, and other features that necessitate a custom-designed case.

The Ultimate Protection: RF Safe® Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max QuantaCase™

Since the iPhone 15 Pro Max case won’t fit the new iPhone 16 Pro Max, it’s essential to find a case that not only provides a perfect fit but also offers superior protection. The RF Safe® Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max QuantaCase™ Phone Radiation Shield is designed to meet these needs and more.


About the QuantaCase™

Enhance your style while safeguarding against cell phone radiation with the RF Safe QuantaCase™. This sleek and discreet case provides essential RF radiation protection precisely where it’s needed most. Beyond just being a stylish accessory or a protective cover for your Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max, the RF Safe QuantaCase™ prioritizes what matters most—reducing the amount of radiation absorbed by your head and body.

Important Consideration: Only purchase the QuantaCase if you seek a meticulously crafted, ultra-thin, and sleek phone radiation mitigation solution that aims to minimize your radiation exposure while ensuring the lowest possible radiation output from your Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max.

Design Precision: Whether the QuantaCase incorporates a specific design feature or lacks one, every detail is intentional. Each element is purposefully chosen to prioritize minimizing radiation exposure on your Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max.

No Metal Loops: Unlike most so-called anti-radiation phone cases, a real anti-radiation case like QuantaCase deliberately excludes metal carrying strap loops. Metal loops near the Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max’s antenna can instigate unpredictable radiation flux patterns around the head, increasing potential risks.

Non-Detachable Design: QuantaCase stands apart because we refuse to make a non-detachable design. This choice ensures that there’s no escalation in RF exposure due to the interference of metal plates and magnets with the Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max’s antenna.

Shielded Speaker Hole: QuantaCase features a uniquely shielded speaker hole, designed for the 5G era. This ensures enhanced radiation protection for your Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max and allows users to easily verify the shielding’s conductivity with a simple Ohmmeter.

Why Just One RFID-Blocking Slot? QuantaCase’s decision to incorporate a single RFID-blocking card slot is rooted in over two decades of knowledge and research, ensuring optimal radiation protection and ease of use.

Multi-Position Design: When texting or using the speakerphone, the flap can be folded behind the phone to shield the back of the iPhone 16 Pro Max while held in your hand. This design ensures the RF Safe shielding is always between the device and the closest part of your body.

Ultra-Thin Design: QuantaCase is purposefully the thinnest anti-radiation case to prevent phones from increasing output power, which can lead to more radiation.

What Sets QuantaCase Apart?

Feature Comparison:

Feature QuantaCase SafeSleeve DefenderShield
Detachable Design No antenna disruption Yes, disrupts antenna Yes, disrupts antenna
Metal Loops No antenna disruption Yes, disrupts antenna Yes, disrupts antenna
Shielded Speaker Holes Yes, solid barrier No solid barrier No solid barrier
Ultra-Thin Design Yes, purposefully thin No, bulky No, bulky
Proper Use Education Yes, optimal usage No No
Single RFID-Blocking Slot Yes, optimal alignment No, multiple slots No, multiple slots
Built-in KickStand Yes, safe distance Yes Yes

Why QuantaCase is the Best Choice:

  1. No Detachable Design: Ensures no disruption of the antenna.
  2. No Metal Loops: Prevents unpredictable radiation flux.
  3. Shielded Speaker Holes: Essential for 5G protection.
  4. Ultra-Thin Design: Prevents increased radiation output.
  5. Proper Use Education: Guides users for maximum protection.
  6. Single RFID-Blocking Slot: Optimal for shielding alignment.
  7. Built-in KickStand: Ensures safe viewing distances.
  8. Comprehensive Radiation Protection: Scientifically designed for effectiveness.
  9. Customer Support: Backed by RF Safe’s dedication to EMF mitigation.

Usage Guidelines to Maximize Protection

During Calls: Close the radiation-shielding front flap while using the phone to your ear.

Storing in Your Pocket: Ensure the shielded front flap faces your body.

Texting: Fold the flap behind the phone to shield the back while holding it.

By following these guidelines, you can maximize the benefits of the QuantaCase and ensure you’re minimizing radiation exposure during everyday phone use.

For more information about the RF Safe QuantaCase™ product line for cell phone radiation safety, please call 1 (844) 473-7233. Enhance your protection with the best case designed specifically for the Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max.

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