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Why RF Safe Stopped Making So Many Products After Spearheading Global Markets for Them

The innovation RF Safe Spearheaded in the 1990s revolutionized public safety in the realm of electromagnetic field (EMF) protection. From anti-radiation cases and shielded apparel for babies to air tube headsets, RF Safe pioneered numerous products that were previously unavailable. The mission was clear: to create a demand for safety where none existed, and to educate the public on the unseen dangers of EMF exposure.

A Market Pioneered from Scratch

When RF Safe set out to design the first pregnancy shielding and an array of other EMF safety products in the ’90s, the market was barren. Few people owned cell phones, and the concept of EMF safety was virtually unheard of. RF Safe’s primary goal was to educate and innovate, filling a critical gap in public health and safety. We didn’t patent our innovations because we believed in a future where everyone could contribute to making the world safer. This altruistic approach has largely succeeded, with many respectable manufacturers now producing quality EMF safety products—except for one critical category: anti-radiation phone cases.

The Exception: Smartphone Cases

The reason we continue to produce phone cases is simple: no other manufacturer has gotten it right. While other products we pioneered now have competent producers, the smartphone case market remains plagued with misinformation and poorly designed products. Despite copying RF Safe’s shielded flip cover concept, competitors like SafeSleeve and DefenderShield fail to incorporate the essential design elements necessary for genuine radiation protection. They often include metal loops and detachable cases, which compromise the very safety they claim to provide.

Why RF Safe Stands Alone

RF Safe’s commitment to integrity and efficacy in product design is unmatched. If there were a reliable solution for phone cases to reduce RFR exposure, we would happily retire our products, as we have done with other innovations. However, until the market gets it right, RF Safe remains dedicated to producing the only anti-radiation phone case you can trust.

A Legacy of Education and Innovation

RF Safe does not rely on advertising; our strength lies in educating consumers and providing the tools they need to make informed decisions about their safety. Our philosophy is straightforward: if you don’t want RF Safe as your competition, create a better safety product. We will gladly pass the torch to any company that matches our commitment to quality and consumer safety.

A Call to Competitors

We urge companies like SafeSleeve and DefenderShield to reevaluate their designs. Remove the metal loops, stop producing detachable cases, and understand that these flaws result in increased radiation output from the phone. Until they align their design principles with RF Safe’s standards, consumers have only one choice: to be RF Safe to be sure.


RF Safe’s journey from innovating the first anti-radiation products to maintaining the gold standard in phone case safety is a testament to our unwavering dedication. We stopped producing many products because the market got it right. But in the smartphone case market, we remain because there is still work to be done. As long as there are risks that others aren’t addressing correctly, RF Safe will be here, leading the charge in consumer education and EMF safety.

Join Us in the Mission

Support genuine innovation and real safety. Choose RF Safe and help us continue to make the world a safer place, one product at a time. Together, we can ensure that safety is never compromised by misinformation or poor design.

It has always been more important to me to move on to the next area the world wasn’t paying enough attention to within the scope of the electromagnetic safety domain than to spend time being competitive with companies who entered the market doing a great job for public safety.

We create products to establish markets for enhanced consumer safety. We are market builders, not product monopolists. By educating consumers, we demonstrate the need for safety technologies, paving the way for competition to follow. Our goal is to foster the growth of technologies that genuinely protect without misleading consumers. Faulty phone case designs that claim to safeguard your health are a significant problem when the risks are real!    After doing your homework, you will agree!

For more information and to explore our products, visit RF Safe. Be RF Safe, to be sure.

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