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Fitness Wearables: An Experience with EMF TOXICITY (WIFI sickness)

Wearable Tech & EMF Radiation – Is the risk worth it?

Maxine Johnson CCWFN (WIFI Sickness Testimonial)

It started in 2017 when I started wearing a fitness watch to track my steps, exercise, and calorie intake. Later, I purchased a more fancy watch that I wore as I slept. It tracked my sleep, heart rate, stress, etc. Having been a fitness trainer and now a nutritional therapist, I really wanted an easy way to track this data for my own health. I began noticing a little dizziness in the next month or so, and thought it might be related to the watch I was wearing, but dismissed it. At times the dizziness was noticeable, but at other times not at all.

A few months later, I made a big move to another city. I moved into an apartment, found a new location for my practice, TempleFit®, and set up my wifi router, computers, etc at home and at my new office. I knew enough about electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) to know that I didn’t want WIFI in my office. People come to my office, TempleFit®, to get well naturally, and I didn’t want anything in the office that would interfere with that or be incongruent to the mission and vision of my practice. However, in order to get Internet, I had to have a router in my office. So I had it set up as a wired, not a WIFI connection. The router was positioned just about a foot away from my office chair, under my desk.

Soon, the dizziness and woo-woo feeling in my head was more noticeable. I had a hard time keeping a straight thought. I would walk into a room for something, and then forget what it was. I had difficulty concentrating. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but hoped that it wasn’t an EMF issue.

Then, in the summer of 2018, I made 2 trips to Florida, from Washington state, for more advanced training in my field of work. That was lots of flying – 2 round-trips across the country, immersed in electro-magnetic fields, flying out and back twice in one month.

During the last trip, I knew I was experiencing EMF toxicity symptoms. So, I stood outside, during our breaks, on grass or cement in bare feet to discharge the EMF radiation and reconnect with the earth. Oh my gosh, that felt so good. I felt my whole body immediately relax and be relieved.

Arriving home after the last trip, I rearranged my office and home to get the routers away from me as much as possible, but I still wore my fitness watch. I felt much better and continued on ok until 2020.

2020, the year covid hit, things began to change. I did not take the vax, and I started getting frantic phone calls from people who wanted to know if I had Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine. I did not, but I had a protein enzyme-based protocol that was working well for people who had been vaxxed or had a loved one who had received the vax. During that time, I started experiencing slight dizziness again that would come and go. It continued until late in 2023 when it got worse.

One Sunday morning, around Thanksgiving time 2023, I woke up so dizzy I had to hold on to furniture and the walls to make it to the bathroom. Later that day, I lay in the grass outside and felt good relief. By the end of the day, I felt pretty normal. But the periodic dizziness continued, and I made more changes in my bedroom. I moved my cell phone away from my nightstand to charge at night. That didn’t help much. So then, I finally took off my fitness watch at night during sleep. That helped a lot. After a week of not wearing my watch at night, just to re-check to make sure of what I was feeling, I put the watch back on during sleep to see if the symptoms came back. I got up about 4 am to go to the bathroom and, sure enough, I was dizzy again. I took the watch off, went back to sleep, and felt pretty good from 6 am on throughout that day with no watch on.

That did it for me. No more smartwatches that transmit and receive electromagnetic data for me. I’m done with training, having completed my advanced certification, so I’m not flying anywhere. I just ordered a lovely Citizen watch that shows the time and date and is charged by light – any light – no batteries needed. Plain and simple. I’m going back to old-school methods of tracking my health. I highly encourage others to do the same.

Best in health,

Maxine Johnson CCWFN

Nutritional Therapist

TempleFit ®


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