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We Are Electric Is Sally Adee’s Journey into Bioelectricity and its Future

In “We Are Electric,” Sally Adee embarks on an insightful exploration of our body’s bioelectric code, offering a fresh perspective on the 200-year journey of electricity in medicine and its potential future applications.

A Personal and Historical Perspective Adee’s book opens with a personal account, paralleling her experience with electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) to a historical narrative. This sets the stage for a deeper understanding of bioelectricity’s role in medical treatments.

The Electrome: A New Frontier Adee introduces the concept of the electrome, an entity of measurable ion-driven microvoltages, crucial yet weightless. This revolutionary idea extends beyond the tangible aspects of biology, like genomes and biomes, delving into the immaterial realm of bioelectric signals.

Experimental Advances and Theoretical Insights The book highlights experimental results on the effects of nano-Tesla magnetic fields on cancer cells and the role of the radical pair mechanism in electron polarization. These insights pave the way for understanding how EM fields interact with biological systems.

The Military’s Exploration of Bioelectricity Adee delves into the Pentagon’s experiments on harnessing the body’s EM fields for military purposes, revealing the dual potential of bioelectricity in both healing and harm.

The Electric Future of Medicine “We Are Electric” postulates a future where physics joins biology and chemistry in medicine. Adee envisions a world where ailments are cured by manipulating our internal electrical circuitry, shifting paradigms in medical treatment.

Conclusion Sally Adee’s book is a compelling narrative that bridges personal experience with scientific exploration. It invites readers to ponder the vast potential of bioelectricity, cautiously approaching our electric future while acknowledging its transformative power in medicine.

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