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The Microwave Delusion – A Groundbreaking Publication on Wireless Radiation and Public Health

Date of Book Release: January 27, 2021

In an era of rapid technological advancement, “The Microwave Delusion: Why ‘Smart’ Wireless Means We Are Dying Younger in Poorer Health and Endangering the Wellbeing of Our Children” emerges as a critical examination of the overlooked consequences of wireless technology. Co-authored by Brian Stein CBE and Jonathan Mantle, this compelling book sheds light on the pressing issue of microwave radiation and its impact on public health.

Brian Stein, a distinguished figure in the UK, and Jonathan Mantle, an internationally recognized author, delve into the controversial realm of electrosensitivity and the potential hazards posed by ubiquitous wireless technology. The book critiques the prevailing disregard of scientific research indicating harm and challenges the adequacy of safety standards set by industry insiders.

‘We are taking advice from a small, self-appointed circle of insiders who reject all research showing harm, and who set safety limits.’ Brian Stein, UK

‘We are taking risks of the sort that no rational society on earth should take.’ Professor Martin Pall, Washington State University, USA.  

‘We should have ethical permission for people who are going to be exposed to 5G. Thirteen persons make decisions for the whole world – as opposed to 250 persons who have signed the independent scientific declaration.’ Professor Lennart Hardell, Sweden.

‘The non-thermal effects on our cells, organs and tissues do damage at energy levels that may be hundreds or thousands of times lower than those that cause significant heating. Our governments and health authorities are doing nothing to protect us.’ Professor Andrew Goldsworthy, UK.

‘The car was not invented to be safe, it was invented to sell. Lots of people died. Only consumer pressure eventually forced car manufacturers to introduce seat belts. It’s the same with mobile phones.’ Dr Andrew Tresidder, UK.

Key Highlights:

  • Profound insights from leading experts like Professor Martin Pall of Washington State University, who cautions against the unprecedented risks society is undertaking with wireless technology.
  • A critical viewpoint from Professor Lennart Hardell of Sweden, advocating for ethical considerations in the deployment of 5G technology.
  • An exploration of non-thermal effects of microwave radiation, highlighted by Professor Andrew Goldsworthy from the UK, emphasizing the lack of protective measures by governments and health authorities.
  • Dr. Andrew Tresidder’s analogy between the mobile phone industry and the historical evolution of automotive safety, underscoring the need for consumer advocacy in technological advancement.

“The Microwave Delusion” is not just an account of Brian Stein’s personal journey navigating the health implications of microwave radiation; it is a narrative of global significance. The book chronicles the resistance against industry manipulation, governmental apathy, and the triumph of independent science, leading to legislative changes and heightened protection for vulnerable populations, particularly children.

As the world grapples with the rollout of 5G, this book serves as a timely warning and a call to action, drawing parallels with historical public health crises like tobacco and asbestos. It is a manifesto for change and a guide for individual and societal response to ensure a safer wireless environment.

All proceeds from the sale of this book are dedicated to charities advocating for safer wireless technology globally.

Praise for “The Microwave Delusion” comes from esteemed figures like Professor Lennart Hardell, a leading voice in independent scientific research.

Availability: “The Microwave Delusion” is published by Grosvenor House Publishing and is available for purchase online and at leading bookstores including Waterstones, Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes and Noble, Foyles, and eBay. Retail Price: 14.99.

For further information or to connect with the authors, please contact:

About the Authors: Brian Stein CBE, a respected retired business leader and Chairman of the EM-Radiation Research Trust, has been honored for his contributions to education and community. Jonathan Mantle, with his works published across 30 countries in 16 languages, brings a unique perspective to the book, approaching the subject not as an electrosensitive individual but as an informed observer.

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