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The Coates Commit To Unpopular Battles For Protecting Life Liberty and The Pursuit Of Happniess

Unpopular Battles

How They Have Changed the Course of Life on Earth for the Better

Will cell phone radiation and the proliferation of wireless technology join the list of unpopular battles that, in hindsight, had to be fought to protect the God-given rights of every American?

Throughout history, those with the Coates name haven’t let the polarization of politics or capitalism get in the way of saving lives. It is a name unknown to most, but that is what makes the legacy of this name so different. You’d never need to know one of these Coates personally for them to fight for you until their death. As history has proven generation after generation, there is a long history of Coates men leading the charge in unpopular battles.

A Legacy of Bravery: Jefferson Coates

Remember the words of Abraham Lincoln when honoring the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in order “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth” when spoken at Gettysburg. For this to work, the people had to fight for what was right, even when unpopular.

Jefferson Coates, like many others, answered Lincoln’s call and shed their blood on the battlefield of Gettysburg so that we may, as one people, move forward united under God, each of us blessed with inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Jefferson Coates of the Iron Brigade exemplified this courage. In the chaos of Gettysburg, he faced not just an enemy but fellow Americans, driven by a deep sense of duty and humanity. After his brigade was surrounded on 3 sides, outnumbered, they pushed Confederate soldiers into a train ditch. Jefferson, despite the heat of battle, chose hand-to-hand combat to make them surrender over slaughter from above. His bravery was not without cost; he lost both of his eyes to a musket blast in his face. Yet, his actions on that day earned him one of the world’s first Medals of Honor, a testament to his extraordinary valor.

Continuing the Fight..

The legacy of bravery continued with my father, John Coates, who served during the tumultuous Vietnam era. He received numerous medals for acts of courage, demonstrating the same fearless dedication to protecting life and liberty. The stories of his valor are a source of inspiration, reflecting the ongoing commitment of the Coates name to stand firm in the face of danger and insurmountable odds to uphold the principles of protecting the lives of all fellow Americans.

The Modern Battle: Electromagnetic Radiation

Now, as we step into the present, the battlefront has shifted, but the stakes remain high. My journey began with a personal tragedy—the loss of my child—which ignited a relentless quest to understand the impacts of electromagnetic energy on life. This quest led to the formation of RF Safe, a pioneering force in the fight against excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Today, this is still a very unpopular battle.

I’m cut out for this battle.  I attended my first college-level engineering courses in the 80s when I was 15 years old at Tidewater Community College – TCC Portsmouth Campus.  In the mid-90s,  I  demonstrated the world’s first interferometric array cell phone antenna for safer levels of EMR exposure; today, that innovation is widely used when beamforming high-frequency wireless communication arrays.  Also, my newest patent points to a future where wireless frequencies that are incapable of penetrating the body can be used, which will work perfectly for zero SAR RF Safe wireless communication networks.  US Patent US11700058B2

In the early 2000s, I joined a group of leading physicists to learn everything known at the time about the most fundamental forces of nature found in our EM environment.   The discussions and theories we explored revealed that the man-made EM forces that were responsible for great harm were also utilized by nature to support life at the most fundamental level. However, only if the biological effects of man-made EMF are understood and managed correctly can we mitigate the harms of the electromagnetic radiation that is polluting our environment. This journey is documented in various papers, patents, and references online, highlighting our ongoing efforts to educate and protect the public for over 20 years.

I was inspired by those before me not to be scared of the pain an unpopular fight may cause.  Just keep fighting it until that mission is a success or until you are dead, but never give up!  You can take away access to money, food, and shelter; nothing stops a battle for protecting life that must be won.

Fighting the Unseen Enemy

Electromagnetic radiation is the invisible enemy of our time, much like the bullets and shells faced by soldiers in the past. The proliferation of wireless technology attacks the American people directly, adding entropic waste to the environment and externalizing the cost of public health for corporate profits. while providing unprecedented connectivity, it poses significant health risks that are often downplayed or outright ignored. The Coates legacy drives us to fight this battle, not for recognition but for the safety and well-being of future generations.

The Coates Legacy Continues

The fight for electromagnetic safety may be an unpopular battle today, but like those fought by Jefferson Coates and my father, it is a battle that must be fought. The Coates family has always stood for the protection of life and liberty, regardless of the personal cost. As we continue this legacy at RF Safe, we call on you to join us by educating yourself with facts so that you can demand genuine safety measures and hold companies accountable.

By embracing the lessons of the past and the courage of those who came before us, we can ensure a safer, healthier future for all. The Coates name will continue to be synonymous with bravery, integrity, and the relentless pursuit of what is right, no matter how unpopular or painful the battle may be.  The future of all our children today may depend on it!

A Call to Action

It has always been more important to us to move on to the next area the world wasn’t paying enough attention to within the scope of the electromagnetic safety domain than to spend time being competitive with companies who entered the market and are doing a great job for public safety. And the reason RF Safe still makes anti-radiation cases is that no better option exists. After doing your homework, you will agree!

We create products to create markets for enhanced consumer safety. We are market builders and inventors of new products and safer technology, not product monopolists. We create the markets by proving the need through educating the consumer; when the consumers become informed, competition by design is close to follow. Our goal is to foster the growth of safety technologies that do not mislead the consumer. Faulty phone case designs claiming to safeguard your health are a huge problem when the risks are real!

Support The World’s Only RF Safe Approved Phone Case To Enter This Fight For Life!


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