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galaxy s6 rfsafe case tested for e-fields and microwave radiation.fw

Galaxy S6 Radiation: E-Field Display Radiation vs RF Radiation

NEW: Galaxy Note 5 vs Galaxy Note 4 RF Radiation Test. Review the best way to reduce microwave radiation exposure from your brand new Galaxy Note 5  and compare the shielding results with the Galaxy Note 4. 4 pc Samsung Galaxy S6 Radiation Safety Package


Samsung Galaxy S6 Radiation Levels Using RF Safe Case Tested With Trifield Meter 100 XE

RF SAFE REVIEW – RF SHIELDED PHONE CASE FOR Samsung Galaxy S6 The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the very lowest radiation smartphones in the world. However when tested for actual radiation exposure in mW/cm2 (milliWatt per square centimetre) This video clearly shows just buying a low SAR smartphone is not enough to provide […]

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