NTP First Federal Agency Scientists Admit To Using Cell Phone Radiation Precautions

  In a drastic change of position, the federal agency that conducted the world’s largest study on cell phone radiation has become the first governmental agency to admit that their scientists now take precautions to avoid cell phone radiation! The sheer number of so-called “experts” who’ve been spouting their opinions on whether or not cell […]


Fatal Fashion: Apple Issues Radiation Alert – Is Your Phone Case Putting Your Life at Risk?

Beware of Detachable Phone Accessories: The Hidden Dangers of Magnets and Metal Plates in Accessories! Including Detachable Anti-Radiation Phone Case Products! The Lethal Attraction: Strong Earth Magnets in Phone Cases: Don’t Make A Deadly Detachable Phone Case Mistake! Many phone cases on the market today feature strong earth magnets, which can increase the amount of […]

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