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FCC is led by a former lobbyist; the lobbyists are led by former FCC leaders.

Published on: Apr 30, 2014 This really explains why there is a growing dissonance among communities about the government’s lack of action to protect the American people from wireless radiation. This was clearly seen in January 2014 when FCC chairman Tom Wheeler was in Silicon Valley.  The full video can be seen at RF Safe here […]

FDA Letter of Intent For Collaboration With CTIA

Letter of Intent for a Proposed Collaboration on Mobile Phone Research between the Food and Drug Administration and the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association October 20, 1999 FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health signed a Letter of Intent on October 18, 1999, to formally begin discussions and negotiations on a proposed collaborative project with the […]

CTIA Asks ABC To Review 20/20 Broadcast On Cell Phone Cancer

CTIA Asks ABC To Review 20/20 Broadcast RCR News October 13, 1999 ABC denies it spiked a 20/20 segment on alleged mobile-phone health risks because of wireless industry pressure. Outside lawyers for the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association wrote Capital Cities/ABC Inc. President David Westin on Monday to request that the 20/20 broadcast on mobile phones […]

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