Stop Buying Regular Smartphone Cases Be RF Safe To Be Sure!

I want to share something crucial that could impact your health and the health of your loved ones. It’s the story of RF Safe, the pioneers of anti-radiation phone cases, and our relentless commitment to your safety for a quarter century.

RF Safe: The Trailblazers in EMF Protection

Since the 1990s, RF Safe has been online and at the forefront of personal electromagnetic radiation protection. We were the first to introduce anti-radiation phone cases when mobile phones were the size of bricks. Our meticulously designed cases, based on rigorous testing and scientific principles, have set the gold standard in the industry.

Why RF Safe Stands Apart

Over the years, many companies like Safesleeve and Defendershield have entered the market with flashy marketing and gimmicks. However, their products often prioritize style over substance, potentially amplifying radiation rather than blocking it. Our latest video reveals why RF Safe’s phone case design remains the best choice for genuine protection. [Watch the Video Now]

A Legacy of Innovation and Integrity

RF Safe has developed several groundbreaking EMF safety products, including air tube headsets, pregnancy shielding, and shielded apparel. We never patented these innovations because we believed everyone should have access to protection. Once the market started producing reliable versions of these products, we stepped back, knowing people were safe. However, the smartphone case market remains a concern, with many brands failing to deliver true safety.

Why We Focus on Phone Cases

I often get asked why I stopped making so many products after creating global markets for them. RF Safe’s anti-radiation cases, shielded apparel to protect babies, and air tube headsets were just the beginning.   When RF Safe set out to design the first pregnancy shielding and an array of other EMF safety products in the ’90s – it was because nothing existed, and we wanted to see a market competing to make people safer with products that didn’t exist yet.    RF Safe set out to manufacture several never-before-available products to enhance public safety – all it takes to create a market is to show a demand; there was no demand in the 90s, and few had cell phones – So RF Safe main objective was to educate the public and innovate.  We didn’t patent these innovations because we believed everyone should be able to contribute towards a safer future and protect themselves without limitation.   For the most part, this has worked out well for the public, with the exception of Anti-radiation phone cases. The new companies that have entered the market have their idea of radiation protection all wrong; even if they have copied RF Safe’s shielded flip cover, they didn’t copy all the important design elements that go along with it.

The reason we only continue to make phone cases is that all the other products we pioneered now have respectable manufacturers making good products. The exception is the smartphone case market. There isn’t a reliable manufacturer in sight that is being honest with consumers about phone cases reducing excessive radiation exposure. That’s why RF Safe HAS to make them. If we thought there was a great solution for phone cases to reduce RFR exposure, we would retire ours, just like with other innovations we brought to market.

We see no need to get back into making products we pioneered when the market has it right. Our focus remains on addressing the risks that others aren’t handling correctly, especially in phone case designs from heavily marketed brands. RF Safe does no advertising; we depend on educating consumers and providing the tools they need.

John Coates: A Commitment to Safety

John Coates, the founder of RF Safe, has dedicated over 25 years to EMF safety. Even after RF Safe went out of business during the COVID lockdowns, John didn’t give up. Despite losing everything, he continues to fight for genuine EMF safety because no other organization is doing it right.

Watch the Video and Make an Informed Choice

I urge you to watch this revealing video about RF Safe’s journey and the importance of choosing the right protection against EMF radiation. [Click Here to Watch Now]

Prioritize real safety over flashy marketing. Choose RF Safe for genuine protection and help secure a safer future for yourself and your loved ones.

RF Safe stands out in the market due to its unwavering commitment to innovation, integrity, and genuine concern for public health. Here are the key reasons why RF Safe is the best choice over newcomers :

  1. Proven Track Record and Experience:
    • Historical Credibility: With over 25 years of pioneering in the EMF safety domain, RF Safe has consistently led the industry. Our experience and expertise are unparalleled, providing a solid foundation that newcomers simply can’t match.
    • Innovative Legacy: RF Safe was the first to introduce anti-radiation phone cases, air tube headsets, and shielded apparel. This legacy of innovation speaks volumes about our dedication to consumer safety.
  2. Scientific Rigor and Transparency:
    • Evidence-Based Design: Our products are developed based on extensive research and scientific principles. We use shielding materials and design elements that have been rigorously tested to reduce radiation exposure effectively.
    • Transparency: RF Safe is 100% transparent about the science behind our products. We provide detailed explanations and data to ensure consumers understand how and why our designs work.
  3. Mission-Driven Approach:
    • Consumer Education: We prioritize educating consumers about EMF risks and safety measures. Our goal is to empower individuals with knowledge, so they can make informed decisions about their health.
    • Ethical Standards: Unlike many competitors, RF Safe has never patented its innovations because we believe in fostering a safer future for everyone. Our mission is to protect, not profit.
  4. Commitment to Continuous Improvement:
    • Adapting to New Challenges: RF Safe continually evolves its products to address emerging threats and advancements in technology. We stay ahead of the curve, ensuring our products provide the highest level of protection.
    • Feedback Integration: We listen to our customers and incorporate their feedback into product improvements, ensuring our solutions are practical and user-friendly.
  5. Addressing Design Flaws in Competitors’ Products:
    • Critical Analysis: Many newcomers, like Safesleeve and Defendershield, have significant design flaws that compromise their effectiveness. These include metal loops and detachable cases that inadvertently increase radiation exposure.
    • Superior Design: RF Safe’s QuantaCase is meticulously crafted to avoid these pitfalls. Our cases do not interfere with phone signals or increase radiation output, providing genuine protection.

Thank you for your time and attention. Together, we can make informed decisions and demand real, effective radiation protection.

Stay safe and be RF Safe to be sure!

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