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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 7

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USA SAR Level for Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7
SAR AT&T Model for Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7
  • Carrier Variant
    Apple iPhone 7 GSM Model A1778
  • Model Variant Number
    Model A1778 GSM, no CDMA
  • FCC Approval Date
    09 September 2016
  • FCC ID
  • FCC Report Link
  • US SAR Ratings
    TMobile and Cingular use GSM Network
  • Head SAR Level
    1.19 w/kg
  • Body SAR Level
    1.09 w/kg
  • Product Specific Use
    1.14 w/kg
  • Simultaneous Transmission
  • Simultaneous Head SAR
    1.56 w/kg
  • Simultaneous Body SAR
    1.51 w/kg
  • Hotspot SAR
    1.58 w/kg


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