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Why RF Safe Regrets Not Filing Patents For Anti-Radiation Phone Case In 1990s

In 1995, a deeply personal tragedy marked the beginning of my journey with RF Safe. The loss of my daughter, Angel Leigh Coates, to a neural tube defect, which I suspected was linked to EMF exposure after research showed a 300% increase with first-generation EMF exposure, this was a defining moment in my life. This heart-wrenching experience propelled me into a relentless pursuit of understanding the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on the human body for nearly three decades now. It was this pursuit that laid the foundational stone for RF Safe launching online in 1998.

Inspiration from Volvo and the Seatbelt Analogy

My vision for RF Safe was profoundly influenced by Volvo’s commendable approach to safety. Emulating Volvo’s decision to freely share their three-point seatbelt patent, I aspired to make the best anti-radiation technology accessible to everyone. I owner of an automotive shop near Aspen CO, and Aspen Limo at the time. Drawing a parallel between automobile safety and the need for cell phone radiation protection, I was determined to prioritize public health and safety over the confines of patents that would potentially slow adoption and I welcomed competition for safer technology.

Development of the Anti-Radiation Phone Case

In my quest to mitigate the risks of EMF exposure, I developed the Safe Cell Phone System (SCP System). This groundbreaking solution featured cell phone cases with integrated radiation shielding, complemented by the world’s first air-tube headsets as well. Using a variety of materials, these products were designed to block or redirect RF radiation away from the user, manifesting my commitment to real EMF safety solutions.

The Unforeseen Consequences of Open Innovation

However, my noble intention of encouraging open innovation encountered unexpected setbacks. Inspired by our designs, other companies began manufacturing similar phone cases. Many, however, lacked the essential understanding of the technology and its correct application. This resulted in products being sold that not only failed to protect users but, in some cases, actually aggravated the problem. Problems like metal loops disrupting antenna fields and detachable cases weakening tower connections underscored the necessity of expertise in designing EMF safety devices.

Reflections on Innovation, Safety, and Control

Throughout my journey with RF Safe, I learned invaluable lessons about balancing innovation with control. I came to realize the importance of maintaining stringent quality and safety standards in technological advancements. This experience highlighted the crucial need for a controlled approach in implementing such vital technologies to ensure their effectiveness and safety.

Conclusion: A Hopeful Look Forward

Despite these challenges, I look towards the future not with regret but with continued commitment and optimism. RF Safe remains steadfast in its mission to reduce RF radiation exposure and to heighten public awareness about its potential health risks. My ongoing advocacy for informed decision-making and the significance of independent research in EMF safety represents a resilient and forward-looking perspective.

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