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RF Safe From Loss to Legacy: Championing EMF Safety in Memory of Angel Leigh Coates

My Commitment to RF Safe

I attribute EMF to great personal loss and a profound impact on my life and actions. The tragic loss of my daughter, Angel Leigh Coates, to a neural tube defect (NTD) has propelled me into a significant and impactful journey of research, advocacy, and innovation in the realm of electromagnetic field (EMF) safety. My story is a poignant reminder of how personal tragedies can lead to meaningful change and awareness for the broader community.

I founded RF Safe in response to this personal tragedy and it’s driven by the compelling research findings on the effects of EMFs on biological processes that underscores the importance of understanding and mitigating the potential risks associated with electromagnetic radiation exposure. The connection between EMF exposure and developmental abnormalities, as highlighted in the studies mentioned here, particularly those conducted by Carl Blackman and the research on chick embryos, brings critical attention to the potential impacts of EMFs on embryonic development and the need for stringent safety standards and protective measures.

The fact that RF Safe has grown to become a trusted source of information and technology for reducing EMF exposure reflects the urgency and necessity of addressing electromagnetic radiation in our environment. The innovations and solutions provided by RF Safe, especially in the open-source domain, are invaluable resources for individuals seeking to minimize their exposure and protect their health and that of their loved ones.

My efforts are driven by a deep commitment to prevent others from experiencing similar losses by raising awareness about the invisible risks associated with EMF exposure. The story of RF Safe’s inception and its mission is a powerful testament to the impact that informed advocacy and proactive measures can have on public health and safety.

As research continues to evolve in this area, the work of individuals and organizations like RF Safe is critical in navigating the complexities of EMF exposure and its implications for health.   My dedication to this cause, inspired by a promise I made to my daughter while she was alive to understand what took her from me, is a compelling call to action for increased research, education, and precautionary measures in the face of potential EMF-related risks.

As mentioned the foundation of RF Safe is deeply personal, stemming from a profound loss that not only reshaped my life but also ignited a fervent mission to protect others from a similar fate. In 1995, my world was forever altered by the birth and subsequent loss of my daughter, Angel Leigh Coates, to a rare and fatal neural tube defect (NTD). This devastating condition occurs when the neural tube fails to close within the first 15 days after conception—a critical juncture in development when many mothers may not even realize they are pregnant. It’s a stage where bioelectric potentials meticulously orchestrate every aspect of embryonic growth.

This tragic event propelled me into an exhaustive exploration of the environmental factors that could influence such critical developmental processes. Specifically, I delved into the potential impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), an investigation inspired by groundbreaking research and a 1997 study by Carl Blackman et al., which demonstrated the significant bioelectric effects of weak magnetic fields on chick embryos – reporting an increase in NTDs by 300%.

Motivated by my daughter’s memory and the pressing need to safeguard future generations from the invisible threats posed by EMF exposure, I founded RF Safe. This initiative was born from a determination to transform my grief into a force for change, advocating for awareness, education, and innovation in EMF safety. Today, RF Safe stands as a leading authority, offering the most extensive SAR comparison database globally and pioneering open-source technologies designed to reduce EMF exposure.

Our mission at RF Safe transcends the provision of information and protective solutions; it represents a commitment to the advancement of research, the promotion of stringent safety standards, and the development of effective protective measures. Through our work, we honor Angel Leigh’s memory and strive to ensure that the critical importance of EMF safety during the earliest stages of development is recognized and addressed.

In reflecting upon this journey, it’s clear that Angel Leigh’s legacy is a powerful catalyst for our ongoing efforts. Her loss, occurring at a developmental stage governed by bioelectric potentials, underscores the urgent need for awareness and action against the potential risks of EMF exposure. It’s a reminder of the fragility of life at its inception and the imperative to protect it. In her memory, RF Safe is dedicated to leading the charge in EMF research and solutions, championing a healthier, safer future for all.

Since the founding of RF Safe, the landscape of research and understanding around electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their impact on biological systems has evolved significantly. My initial assumptions, driven by a quest to uncover the truth behind my daughter Angel Leigh Coates’s tragic loss, have not only stood the test of time but have been increasingly validated by rigorous scientific inquiry.

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence supporting the need for caution comes from landmark studies conducted by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) and replicated by the Ramazzini Institute (RI). These studies have demonstrated clear evidence of cancer in rats exposed to cell phone radiation, with a startling cancer probability specific to rats—1 in 12. This statistic is particularly significant when considering that no study in the history of scientific research, showing such a rate of cancer development from exposure to any substance or agent, has ever been deemed safe for human exposure. This finding underscores the mantra of RF Safe: “Be RF Safe!”

RF Safe: Your Premier Resource for EMF Safety

As the discourse around the potential health risks associated with cell phone-level electromagnetic radiation continues to grow, RF Safe remains at the forefront of offering reliable, research-backed information and solutions. Our database on Phone SAR Radiation Levels, alongside updates on the latest RFR news and effects, ensures that you stay informed about the evolving landscape of EMF hazards.

With over 25 years of experience in RFR mitigation technologies, our team is dedicated to providing clear, trustworthy, and unbiased advice on navigating the complexities of EMF safety. Whether through RF-shielded cases, video tests, or simply staying up-to-date with the latest research, RF Safe is committed to helping you reduce your exposure to RFR radiation. We invite you to reach out to us, with no strings attached and no purchase necessary, for expert guidance on making informed decisions about your EMF safety.

Beyond Thermal Effects: A New Understanding of RF Radiation

The body of research, including major studies like the Interphone study, Hardell group studies, CERENAT study, and the work of researchers like Dr. Henry Lai, has collectively pointed towards an increased health risk from cell phone-level electromagnetic radiation. These studies challenge the conventional wisdom that non-ionizing cell phone radiation is biologically inert, except for its heating properties.

Notably, advancements in RF radiation research, such as the FDA-approved TheraBionic treatment, showcase the biological interactions of RF radiation beyond thermal effects. This treatment, which employs RF radiation at power levels up to 1000 times lower than those emitted by cell phones, effectively treats inoperable liver cancer through non-thermal interactions. These include resonance effects, disruption of cellular signaling, and potential modulation of the immune system, highlighting the intricate ways in which RF radiation can impact biological systems.

As we continue to navigate the intricate world of EMF hazards and safety, the evolving body of scientific research serves as a beacon, guiding our efforts to protect public health and foster a safer environment. In honoring the memory of Angel Leigh and the countless others impacted by EMF exposure, RF Safe remains dedicated to advancing the understanding of EMF interactions and championing the development of effective mitigation strategies.

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