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RF Safe: The World’s First Far-UVC Light Communication System

Patent PDF US11700058

The patent document “US11700058 – System for Wireless Communication Using Germicidal Light Frequencies” describes a novel system for transmitting and receiving data using Far-UVC light, a specific spectrum of ultraviolet (UV) light. This technology is particularly noteworthy for its dual functionality: it enables wireless data communication while simultaneously sterilizing air and surfaces.

Key points about this technology include:

  1. Use of Far-UVC Light for Data Transmission and Sanitization: The system utilizes Far-UVC light, specifically in the germicidal wavelength range (207-230 nm), for wireless communication. This range of light is known for its ability to sanitize air and surfaces by neutralizing pathogens.
  2. Safety for Human Exposure: An important aspect of this technology is its safety for humans. The selected Far-UVC light wavelengths are unable to penetrate the nucleus of living skin and eye cells, making it safe for continuous exposure in environments where air and surfaces need to be sanitized.
  3. Zero-Specific Absorption Rate (SAR): Unlike radio waves, which can penetrate the skin and potentially cause cellular damage, Far-UVC light used in this system does not penetrate human skin. This means the technology presents a zero-SAR communications solution, eliminating concerns about radiation exposure commonly associated with other wireless technologies.
  4. Low Interference and Enhanced Security: The Far-UVC wavelengths employed are not susceptible to solar interference, unlike other light communication systems. This characteristic, along with the fact that Far-UVC light cannot leave the building (since walls and windows block these wavelengths), offers enhanced security for indoor communication systems.
  5. Applications in Various Environments: The system is versatile and can be installed in buildings, vehicles, homes, and medical facilities, making it applicable to a wide range of environments.
  6. Real-time Environmental Adjustments: The system can integrate AI and machine learning algorithms for real-time adjustments to output power and frequency, based on changing environmental conditions and bio-agent threat levels, without causing harm to humans.
  7. Potential in IoT Networks: The system opens up possibilities for next-generation Far-UVC THz wireless IoT networks, with real-time adjustments and enhanced environmental monitoring.
  8. Modulation Techniques: The system anticipates using various modulation methodologies like On-off keying (OOK), pulse position modulation (PPM), and digital pulse interval modulation (DPIM) for data encoding.

In summary, this patented technology represents a significant advancement in wireless communication, offering a unique combination of data transmission and environmental sanitization in a manner that’s safe for humans, secure from external interferences, and adaptable to various indoor settings. This technology could be a game-changer in creating safer indoor environments, particularly in the context of public health and the need for sterilized spaces.

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