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QuantaCase: Precision Design for Ultimate Radiation Protection

The QuantaCase Commitment: Only invest in QuantaCase if you prioritize an expertly designed, ultra-thin, and elegant solution to mitigate phone radiation, ensuring minimal exposure while optimizing overall design for the best device performance with the least radiation output.

Detail Matters: Every feature and omission in QuantaCase’s design is deliberate, targeting reduced radiation exposure.

Design Choices for Safety:

  • Selective Use of Conductive Materials: QuantaCase is mindfully designed without metal loops and magnets, which can modify radiation dispersion around the user’s ear, amplifying potential hazards. Being informed of the risks associated with metal close to a phone’s antenna is crucial for ensuring optimal radiation safety. Recognizing the potential hazards of metal interfering with the phone’s antenna is pivotal for radiation safety.
  • Integrated Design: The non-detachable design choice eliminates RF exposure risks associated with metal plates or magnets affecting the phone’s antenna. Before considering a detachable radiation shield, understanding its impact on radiation levels is essential.

5G-Readiness: QuantaCase leads with a shielded speaker hole optimized for 5G’s higher GHz spectrums, unlike many counterparts. This innovative feature not only boosts radiation shielding but also lets users test shielding conductivity without dismantling the case, ensuring user confidence in its protective capabilities.

One RFID Slot, Rooted in Wisdom: A single RFID-blocking slot in QuantaCase is backed by 25 years of research. This design maximizes RF shielding alignment with the device. The slot caters to temporary-use cards, like hotel keys, to limit personal data exposure. While the case prioritizes radiation reduction, daily-use cards are best carried separately for utmost safety.

Safety Through Design – The Side Latch: The one-finger side latch, adaptable for thumb or finger, distances the user from radiation sources on the phone. This design feature safeguards users without compromising aesthetics or phone output power.

Aesthetically Thin, Scientifically Safe: Noticing 5G signals hindered by leaves? QuantaCase’s slim design addresses 5G’s vulnerability to obstructions. By being ultra-thin, it prevents phones from boosting power (and radiation) to connect to towers.

Distance = Safety: QuantaCase promotes proactive safety with its inbuilt stand. Distance is pivotal, especially during high data use. Engage the stand, keep the phone a couple of feet away, and relish content safely.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Calls: After dialing or answering, close the shielding flap and converse normally. Use the speakerphone for an added safety layer.
  • Pocket Storage: Ensure the shielded flap faces inward, diverting intense radiation.
  • Texting: Fold the flap back, shielding the back and ensuring body safety due to maintained distance.

Radiation Protection Grounded in Truth: A 99% radiation-blocking shield doesn’t ensure 99% real-world protection. Think shadows – they’re not light voids but reduced light zones. QuantaCase, rooted in 25 years of experience, offers practical radiation protection by emphasizing shield orientation for deflection, all based on electromagnetic theory.

In essence, QuantaCase is more than a phone accessory. It’s a health-first statement blending protection, functionality, and elegance. With QuantaCase, protect more than just your phone. Prioritize yourself.

Why Should You Be RF Safe To Be Sure?

Let’s stick to the facts! The IARC classification for cell phone radiation internationally has been officially documented as a Class 2B Carcinogen. However, the public isn’t being adequately informed about safe cell phone usage and the potential health effects of cell phone radiation. Every major study, every single one, including the Interphone, Hardell, CERENAT, the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP), Ramazzini Institute Study, REFLEX Project, and BioInitiative Report have all pointed towards increased health risk from cell phone level electromagnetic radiation.

Today’s wireless technology presents a significant health concern due to outdated antenna technology, excess RF exposure, and untested microwave frequency modulations with each new generation of wireless networks.

It is essential to take steps to reduce cell phone radiation exposure. RF Safe’s QuantaCase offers multiple ways to minimize cell phone radiation for most wireless scenarios.

By staying informed, making responsible choices about accessories and device usage, and advocating for stricter regulations, individuals can help protect themselves and others from the potential health risks associated with cell phone radiation with a little help from QuantaCase.

Questions? Access the QuantaCase support team at 1 (844) 4 RF SAFE

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