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QuantaCase™: Designed for Optimal Radiation Protection

QuantaCase™ is committed to ensuring that our anti-radiation phone cases promote the lowest possible output power from your device. By avoiding certain materials and design elements, we create products that do not interfere with your phone’s connection to the tower. Here are some key features that set QuantaCase™ apart from other radiation protection cases:

  1. No metal plates: QuantaCase™ avoids using metal in areas of the phone case that could impede your device’s signal. Metal components can cause your phone to work harder to maintain a connection to the tower, leading to increased radiation output.
  2. Non-detachable design: QuantaCase™ is specifically designed without magnets or other elements that can increase radiation exposure. Our non-detachable design provides both safety and convenience without compromising on protection.
  3. No metal carrying strap loops: By eliminating metal components that can interfere with your phone’s signal, we ensure that your device operates in a predictable pattern of radiation around the phone to leverage the inverse square law of distance to reduce radiation exposure.  Something that can’t be done with untested RF field disruptions.
  4. Minimalist design: QuantaCase™ focuses on creating the thinnest case in its class, ensuring that there’s minimal interference with your device’s signal and performance.
  5. RF Safe® Radiation Shielding Technology: Our cases feature this advanced technology, which reflects electromagnetic radiation away from the user without disrupting the phone’s connection to the tower.

It’s essential to be cautious when choosing a radiation protection phone case. Some companies may claim to protect you from radiation while incorporating materials and design elements that ultimately result in your phone having to work harder to maintain a connection. QuantaCase™ is dedicated to providing true radiation protection by adhering to design principles that ensure your phone operates at its lowest output power. Trust QuantaCase™ for a safe and reliable solution to reduce radiation exposure.

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