QuantaCover Prototype – Nonmagnetic Detachable Anti-Radiation Phone Shield RFID Blocking Wallet

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QuantaCover Prototype – Nonmagnetic Detachable Anti-Radiation Phone Shield RFID Blocking Wallet
$69.99 Original price was: $69.99.$45.47Current price is: $45.47.

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The Nonmagnetic QuantaCover – A Velcro Solution

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RF Safe presents the world’s first and only nonmagnetic detachable phone case that employs velcro strips for attachment, a ground-breaking patent-pending alternative to potentially very dangerous RF disruption from metal and magnets. Velcro, made of nylon and polyester, won’t cause conductive interference and does not interfere with the phone’s antenna or its ability to transmit signals. This means:

  1. No Signal Obstruction: Unlike detachable cases using metal plates and magnetics that can obstruct the phone signal to the tower, velcro ensures seamless signal transmission without disruption.
  2. Reduced Radiation: With no interference from the case, the phone operates at its optimal signal strength, minimizing radiation emissions.
  3. Enhanced Battery Life: A phone that doesn’t have to work harder to transmit signals due to detachable metallic and magnetic components will naturally have a prolonged battery life.

Benefits of Semi-universal Design: The QuantaCover’s RF Safe nonmagnetic detachable design is made to be semi-universal by ensuring more surface area is covered between the device and user which allows for up to three credit card slots and a money slot within the removable QuantaCover.   Because of the size limitation for shielding custom-fit cases – the QuantaCase only has one RFID slot to maintain the thinnest and lightest profile of any anti-radiation case on the market!  For custom-fit QuantaCase browse our

Why Velcro Stands Out As The Perfect Solution To Conductive Components 

Apart from being nonmagnetic, velcro offers QuantaCover several advantages:

  • Versatility: Velcro can be easily adjusted, allowing users to position their phones in multiple ways.
  • Durability: Velcro provides a strong grip, ensuring the phone remains securely attached.
  • Ease of Use: Attaching and detaching the phone becomes a hassle-free process.


As the world becomes more health-conscious, innovations that prioritize safety without compromising functionality are paramount. This new patent-pending anti-radiation detachable phone case, with its velcro-based detachable design, is a testament to the possibilities ahead in creating products that are not only user-friendly but also health-centric. The use of velcro strips over metal plates and magnets in detachable phone cases could very well set a new standard in the smartphone accessory industry, emphasizing the importance of LOW EMF solutions in our daily tech accessories.


The QuantaCover phone case also addresses environmental concerns, making it a greener choice for consumers. One of the key features of this design is its focus on sustainability, particularly in how it allows users to change the outer cover without needing to replace the entire case. This aspect significantly reduces waste and is more eco-friendly compared to traditional phone cases.

In typical phone cases, the bulk of the material is often made of rubber or similar substances, primarily used for impact resistance. These materials are not only less eco-friendly but also contribute to environmental waste when discarded. With QuantaCover’s innovative design, when the outer cover becomes worn out or if the user desires a new style, only this part needs to be replaced. The rest of the case, especially the more durable and less eco-friendly components, can continue to be used.

This approach effectively reduces the amount of waste generated, as it minimizes the frequency with which the entire case needs to be replaced. By allowing only the outer cover to be discarded and replaced, the QuantaCover demonstrates a commitment to sustainability. This feature aligns well with the growing consumer demand for products that not only serve their functional purpose but also have a reduced environmental impact. The QuantaCover, therefore, stands out not only for its health-centric benefits in terms of reducing radiation exposure but also as a more environmentally responsible choice in the realm of smartphone accessories.

The QuantaCover by Quanta x Technology introduces a revolutionary approach to cell phone radiation safety with its world’s first RF safe nonmagnetic detachable anti-radiation phone case. This patent-pending technology stands out for its unique design that utilizes velcro instead of traditional magnets and metal, addressing key concerns regarding electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure from cell phones.

Key Features and Benefits of QuantaCover:

  1. Nonmagnetic Velcro Attachment: The use of velcro strips, made from non-conductive materials like nylon and polyester, ensures there’s no interference with the phone’s antenna. This is crucial in preventing signal obstruction which is a common issue with magnetic detachable phone cases.
  2. Reduced Radiation Exposure: By eliminating conductive interference, QuantaCover allows the phone to operate at its optimal signal strength. This reduces the amount of electromagnetic radiation emitted, a major concern for many users in today’s technology-driven era.
  3. Enhanced Battery Life: The absence of signal obstruction means the phone doesn’t have to work as hard to transmit signals, leading to improved battery life.
  4. Semi-universal Design: The QuantaCover is designed to be semi-universal, covering more surface area between the device and the user. This design also integrates functionality by providing space for up to three credit card slots and a money slot.
  5. Eco-friendly Solution: QuantaCover’s design allows users to change only the outer cover when needed, significantly reducing environmental waste. This feature addresses the issue of disposing of less eco-friendly materials like rubber used in traditional phone cases.
  6. Durability and Ease of Use: Velcro provides a strong grip to keep the phone securely attached, while also making the process of attaching and detaching the phone simple and hassle-free.
  7. Emphasis on Health and Safety: The QuantaCover’s design reflects a growing trend towards health-conscious innovations in technology. By reducing EMF exposure and promoting safer use of technology, it aligns with the increasing demand for products that prioritize health without sacrificing functionality.
  8. Setting Industry Standards: The use of velcro over metal and magnets in the QuantaCover could set new standards in smartphone accessories, particularly in terms of low EMF solutions and user safety.

The QuantaCover, therefore, represents a significant step forward in the field of cell phone safety accessories. Its combination of innovative design, reduced radiation exposure, environmental sustainability, and user-friendly features positions it as a potential game-changer in the smartphone accessory industry.