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Galaxy S8

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/donation-thermometer/.1.60W/kgRaised 1.11W/kg towards the 1.60W/kg target.1.11W/kgRaised 1.11W/kg towards the 1.60W/kg target.69.44%
The [phone_brand] [phone_model] has a USA Head SAR of 1.11 W/kg which is 69.38% of the FCC legal limit of 1.60 W/kg!

Phone radiation limits are different depending on where you live. The FCC/IC (USA Standard) and the Council of the European Union (EU Standard) are measured over a different amount of tissue, either 1g or 10 grams, and different maximum power levels of 1.6 W/kg vs. 2.0 W/kg, so they are not directly comparable.

  • The SAR limit set by the FCC/IC is 1.6W/kg, averaged over 1 gram of actual tissue.
  • The SAR limit recommended by the Council of the European Union is 2.0W/kg averaging over 10 g of actual tissue. Click these links to display EU ratings for   EU Head and EU Body

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