G-Series (Graphene) Phone Radiation Shields

RF Safe G-Series (Graphene) Phone Radiation Shields

One of the hottest new materials in today’s research is graphene. Graphene is a single atom layer of carbon, yet despite being so thin it is stronger than a diamond, it can conduct electricity better than gold, and its ultra lightweight. This means it is extremely useful for applications in future electronics.

Electromagnetic shielding methods traditionally rely on conductive metals or magnetic materials.  However, a significant body of research into graphene demonstrates that carbon nanostructure-based nanocomposite materials can outperform conventional metal shielding due to their light weight, resistance to corrosion, flexibility, and the advantages don’t stop there. On top of all these, graphene’s excellent conductivity makes it a perfect candidate for high-performance smartphone radiation shielding applications.

RF Safe is the world’s first company to offer graphene-based shielding technology built into a phone case to protect against excessive smartphone radiation exposure in the all-new 2017 RF Safe G-Series (Graphene) Phone Radiation Shields

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