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When RF Safe anti-radiation phone case radiation shields were designed, extensive research was conducted to determine the most effective method of deflecting phone radiation away from the head and body of the user without covering the antenna or increasing radiation emissions.

These were critical design considerations. Phone radiation shielding products, particularly those that cover the antenna, create an even greater health risk by causing the phone to increase its output power (RF Radiation) in many usage environments. When this occurs, radiation exposure increases substantially.

RF Safe has used over 25 years of cell phone shielding experience to develop the ideal shielding radiation protection solution by accommodating the latest smartphone flip cover case designs. RF Safe’s line of stylish custom-fitting RF-shielded anti-radiation phone cases fit the most popular smartphones on the market today!

RF Safe methodologies for shielding cell phone radiation only use technologies to deflect radiation directed towards the user’s body and will not cause the phone to increase output power. RF Safe’s technical goal is only blocking RF radiation that your body would have absorbed (line-of-sight radiation, in relationship to the device itself and your body) — radiation absorbed into your body wasn’t helping the cell tower connection or your health either. Keeping this in mind, only the front shielded part of the phone should always face your body.

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