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Prayers For Turkey Earthquake Victims: God and Liberty Unite Us To Help Those In Need!

Dear Lord,

We come to you today with heavy hearts, mourning the loss of life in today’s earthquake that affected Turkey and Syria. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the victims, and we pray for their comfort and healing during this difficult time.

We ask for your protection and guidance for all those who have been affected by this tragedy. May they find strength and hope in you, and may your loving arms wrap around them and bring them peace.

We also pray for the rescue workers and volunteers who are working tirelessly to help those in need. Grant them safety, wisdom, and compassion as they carry out their important work.

Lord, we trust in your loving kindness and your power to bring good from even the darkest of circumstances. We pray that you would use this tragedy to bring your people closer to you and to one another, and that your grace would be evident in the way they care for one another.



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