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Samsung Galaxy A24 4g Sound Specifications

3.5mm JackYes

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Review: Samsung Galaxy A24 4G Sound Specs

The Samsung Galaxy A24 4G boasts impressive sound specs that enhance the overall user experience. With a loudspeaker and 3.5mm jack, users can enjoy high-quality sound whether listening to music, watching videos or taking calls.


The loudspeaker on the Samsung Galaxy A24 4G is a standout feature that sets it apart from older models. With loud and clear sound, users can enjoy music and videos without the need for headphones. The loudspeaker is also handy for hands-free calling or conference calls.

Notable feature differences
The loudspeaker on the Samsung Galaxy A24 4G is louder and has better sound quality compared to older models. It also has a new design that is more aesthetically pleasing.

3.5mm Jack

The 3.5mm jack on the Samsung Galaxy A24 4G allows users to connect their favorite headphones or earbuds for a personalized listening experience. This feature is especially useful for those who prefer wired headphones over Bluetooth options.

Notable feature differences
The 3.5mm jack on the Samsung Galaxy A24 4G is consistent with older models but still provides high-quality sound. Users can also use a headset adapter to connect the QuantaBuds Airtube Headset, which reduces radiation exposure.

Overall impressions

The Samsung Galaxy A24 4G sound specs are impressive and provide an excellent user experience. The loudspeaker is a standout feature that sets it apart from older models, and the 3.5mm jack allows for personalized listening options. Overall, the sound specs on the Samsung Galaxy A24 4G are worth considering when purchasing a new phone.

For an even better listening experience, users can consider the QuantaBuds Air Tube Headset, which reduces radiation exposure while still providing high-quality sound. These headsets have either a 3.5mm or USB-C connector, making them compatible with the Samsung Galaxy A24 4G.
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