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Phone Battery Comparison: Samsung Galaxy A50S Vs. Samsung Galaxy A04

Phone Battery Comparison: Samsung Galaxy A50S vs. Samsung Galaxy A04

Samsung Galaxy A50S and Samsung Galaxy A04 are two popular models of Samsung smartphones with different features and specifications. One of the most important aspects of a smartphone is its battery life. In this article, we will compare the battery features of these two models and highlight the similarities and differences.

Phone battery Comparison
Samsung Galaxy A50S Samsung Galaxy A04
battery Type
Li-Po 5000 mAh, non-removable
Battery Test
battery Charging
Fast battery charging 15W
Battery Review
Review Samsung Galaxy A50S Battery Review Review Samsung Galaxy A04 Battery Review

Battery Type:

The Samsung Galaxy A50S comes with a Li-Po 5000 mAh battery that is non-removable. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy A04 battery details are not available on the official Samsung website.

Battery Test:

The battery test details for both models are not available on the official Samsung website.

Battery Charging:

The Samsung Galaxy A50S features fast battery charging of 15W, while there is no information available about the charging capability of Samsung Galaxy A04.

Battery Review:

According to the reviews of Samsung Galaxy A50S, the battery life is impressive and can last for a whole day with moderate usage. The fast charging feature is also a plus point. However, there are no reviews available for Samsung Galaxy A04 battery life.

Additional Information:

Apart from the battery, there are other important factors to consider when choosing between Samsung Galaxy A50S and Samsung Galaxy A04. The Samsung Galaxy A50S has a larger display size of 6.4 inches compared to the 5.7 inches of Samsung Galaxy A04. The camera quality of Samsung Galaxy A50S is also better with a triple camera setup of 48 MP, 8 MP, and 5 MP compared to the dual camera setup of Samsung Galaxy A04 with a 13 MP and 2 MP camera.


In terms of battery life, Samsung Galaxy A50S seems to be a better option with a larger battery and fast charging feature. However, consumers should also consider other factors like display size, camera quality, and price before making a purchasing decision.

Full Specs Comparison For Samsung Galaxy A50S vs Samsung Galaxy A04

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