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Oregon bill SB283 dials in on wireless radiation health risks for children at school

SB 283 Sponsored by Senator MONNES ANDERSON declares an emergency, effective on passage. SB 283 focuses on microwave radiation emitted from electronic devices like Wi-Fi routers, computers and cellphones in schools.

The passage would require the Department of Education and the Oregon Health Authority to review studies on the health risks of children being exposed to harmful microwave radiation from wireless electronic devices in classrooms.

The bill calls for the Department of Education and the Oregon Health Authority to review scientific studies about the effects of radiofrequency (RF) radiation and create a strategic plan for safety based on their research no later than Sept, 2020. It would also require schools to “prepare a statement that discloses the potential health risks of wireless network technology” and distribute them in public and private elementary and secondary schools in the state.

The National Toxicology Program released a long-awaited 30 million dollar study in November of 2018 that showed a link between cell phone level radiation and cancer. The American Cancer Society’s website refers to this study and states, “the results add evidence to the idea that RF radiation might potentially impact human health.”. Back in 2011, The International Agency for Research on Cancer added RF radiation as “possibly carcinogenic (cancer-causing) to humans.”

This is the first bill to protect your children from being lab rats in their schools. The removal of cell phone towers from school grounds was the only thing missing from this bill!

SB 283


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