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Official Statement: Rebranding of LibertyUnites to a Global Platform for Peace and Tribute

For Immediate Release

Over twenty years ago, in the wake of 911, a tragedy that shook the world, was born as a sanctuary of solace and a beacon of unity. Our mission was to honor the lives lost on September 11, 2001, and to stand together in the face of adversity. As we held each other in our hearts, we found strength in our collective spirit of liberty that united us  – until the US government dismantled LibertyUnites as a community of 200,000 members in the mid-2000s to pave the way for today’s government-controlled social media experience.   Only the tributes remain after the server was taken over by the TX Attorney General.    You can snuff the flame of liberty, but will never stop it from smoldering and reigniting to a full flame – We ask you all join us in rebuilding

Today, as the world navigates through waves of unprecedented challenges and conflicts that have claimed countless innocent lives, the essence of our mission takes on a renewed urgency. It has become evident that the values of peace, unity, and liberty must transcend beyond the boundaries of any single event, nation, or moment in time.

In response to the recent escalation in global conflicts and the staggering loss of life, we are humbled to announce the evolution of LibertyUnites from a tribute site for 9/11 victims to a global tribute platform dedicated to all innocent victims of war. Our reinvigorated mission is to foster a community where liberty unites us in a shared desire for peace, regardless of geography, nationality, or creed. will serve as a digital monument, a living memorial that not only remembers the past but actively engages in shaping a future where peace prevails. We are committed to creating a space where voices calling for a ceasefire can resonate, where prayers for peace can be shared, and where the path to unity among all humans is paved with compassion and understanding.

In this transformation, we are not leaving behind the memory of 9/11; rather, we are expanding its legacy to encompass all who have suffered from the ravages of conflict. We believe that in the memory of every life, there is a light that can guide us toward a more harmonious world.

We invite you to join us in this pivotal expansion of our vision. Let us come together to share stories, offer tributes, and send a unified message that peace is not only possible but paramount. Stand with us as we embark on this journey to weave a tapestry of liberty that unites humanity in peace and solidarity.

Together, Liberty Unites Us. Together, we can make a difference.

For peace, for unity, for liberty.

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