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Another Study Showing The Impact of 5G Electromagnetic Fields on Biological Systems

The study published in the “Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine,” focuses on the biological effects of chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) simulating the 5G mobile network. This research is particularly relevant in today’s context, where 5G technology is rapidly expanding and its potential impact on health is a topic of public and scientific interest.

Key Points of the Study:

  1. Objective: The main goal was to investigate the biological effects of long-term exposure to multifrequency EMFs, specifically those resembling 5G NR/IMT-2020 mobile communication systems.
  2. Methodology:
    • Subjects: Male Wistar rats were used in the study.
    • Exposure: The rats were exposed to 24-hour radiation at an intensity of 250 μW/cm² for four months.
    • Parameters Measured: Researchers measured exploratory activity and blood concentrations of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and corticosterone at the end of each month of exposure and one month post-exposure.
  3. Findings:
    • The study suggested that exposure to the multifrequency EMFs of 5G systems affected the functional activity of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis in the animals.
    • This exposure was found to be stressful in nature, as indicated by the changes in the measured hormones and behaviors of the rats.

This study is a valuable contribution to the field of EMF research, providing initial data on the potential biological impacts of 5G radiation.

Status of the Neuroendocrine System in Animals Chronically Exposed to Electromagnetic Fields of 5G Mobile Network Base Stations

S. Yu. Perov,
N. B. Rubtsova &
O. V. Belaya

Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine Volume 174, pages277–279 (2022)Cite this article

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We studied the biological effect of chronic exposure to multifrequency electromagnetic fields simulating the effects of 5G NR/IMT-2020 mobile communication systems. Male Wistar rats were exposed to 24-h radiation (250 μW/cm2) for 4 months. The exploratory activity of the animals and blood concentrations of ACTH and corticosterone were evaluated at the end of each month of exposure and 1 month after exposure. The results suggest that exposure to multifrequency electromagnetic field simulating the effects of 5G systems affected the functional activity of the hypothalamus—pituitary—adrenal axis and was stressful in nature.

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