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Nearly a quarter of six-year-olds now possess their own smartphones.

Ensuring Our Children’s Safety

In an era where digital devices are becoming as common in children’s hands as toys, a recent study reveals that nearly a quarter of six-year-olds are navigating the world through their own smartphones. This startling statistic not only raises questions about digital literacy and online safety but also casts a shadow on the less visible concerns of radiofrequency electromagnetic (RF-EMF) radiation exposure and its potential health impacts on our youngest generation.

The report concluded that only 28 per cent of mums and dads have enabled parental controls on their six-year-old chldren’s phones

A Gap in Digital Parenting

Despite the widespread ownership of smartphones among young children, the study uncovers a concerning lack of parental controls—only 28% of parents have taken steps to enable these safety nets on their children’s devices. This oversight leaves a significant portion of our youngest generation exposed to the internet’s vast and unregulated frontiers, right from their bedrooms.

The digital divide extends further into the realm of online safety education. More than half of the parents surveyed admit feeling ill-equipped to guide their offspring through the complexities of internet safety. This gap in digital parenting underscores a critical need for support and resources to empower parents in this uncharted territory.

Understanding RF-EMF Exposure

RF-EMF radiation, spanning from 100 kHz to 300 GHz, is ubiquitous in our telecommunications environment. With children increasingly using mobile communication devices, their vulnerability to potential adverse health effects due to their developmental stage and the higher specific absorption rate of RF-EMF energy compared to adults has become a pressing concern.

Health Implications for Our Children

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) categorizes RF-EMF exposure during mobile phone use as Group 2B, indicating it as possibly carcinogenic. While initial classifications did not specifically consider children, subsequent studies have explored associations with various cancers, including leukemia and brain tumors, yielding mixed results. Beyond carcinogenic concerns, research highlights potential impacts on birth outcomes, neurocognitive development, and behavioral problems, painting a complex picture of RF-EMF’s role in children’s health.

Addressing the Digital Divide

As we delve into the digital divide highlighted by the study conducted by Amárach for CyberSafeKids, it’s evident that a significant portion of parents feel ill-equipped to manage their children’s online safety. With only 28% of parents enabling parental controls, the digital autonomy granted to children as young as six underscores the urgent need for comprehensive digital literacy and safety education.

Bridging the Gap with Education and Awareness

CyberSafeKids’ ‘Same Rules Apply’ campaign resonates now more than ever, emphasizing the parallel between parenting in the digital and physical worlds. However, as we advocate for consistent rules and boundaries, it’s imperative to also educate parents and children about the invisible risks associated with RF-EMF exposure.

Recommendations for a Safer Future

In light of the findings from seminal studies, including the Interphone Study, Hardell Group Studies, and the U.S. National Toxicology Program, among others, the call for stricter safety measures and more informed digital parenting becomes louder. These studies suggest potential health risks, particularly regarding brain tumors and DNA damage, emphasizing the need for precautionary measures in children’s mobile phone use.


The convergence of digital safety and electromagnetic health risks in the context of children’s smartphone usage presents a multifaceted challenge for parents, educators, and policymakers. As we strive to equip our children for a digital world, incorporating a mandatory online safety education program in schools and raising awareness about RF-EMF exposure are critical steps towards safeguarding their physical and digital well-being. Let us navigate this dual terrain with knowledge, caution, and proactive measures to ensure a safer future for our children.


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