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NATO Intelligence Official Warns Russia Could Target Undersea Pipelines and Cables

NATO Intelligence Official Warns of Potential Targeting of Undersea Pipelines and Cables by Russia

A senior NATO intelligence official has warned that Russia could target undersea pipelines and cables, which carry internet traffic and energy supplies, as part of its efforts to destabilize Western nations. Speaking at a conference in Washington DC, the official said that Russia had increased its submarine activities in the North Atlantic and that it was actively mapping critical infrastructure in Europe and North America. The official warned that any disruption of these undersea cables could have devastating economic consequences.

The concerns stem from recent reports that Russian submarines had been detected near undersea cables, which are vital for internet and telecommunications traffic. In addition, Russia has also been accused of using cyber-attacks to disrupt energy supplies in Ukraine and other European countries. The official stressed that Russia’s activities were not just limited to military threats but also included economic ones.

Concerns Raised Over Russia’s “Active Mapping” of Critical Infrastructure in Europe and North America

Another concern raised by the NATO intelligence official is Russia’s “active mapping” of critical infrastructure in Europe and North America. This includes the location of undersea pipelines, cable networks, and other key infrastructure such as power stations and water facilities. The official warned that this activity could be used to target these facilities in the event of a confrontation.

The official also noted that Russia had significant resources for surveillance of infrastructure, including satellites, drones, and cyber capabilities. This means that Russia has the ability to locate and monitor critical infrastructure in real-time. The official added that this represented a significant risk to Europe and North America and that NATO was taking steps to mitigate this threat.

Senior NATO Intelligence Official Highlights “Significant Risk” of Russian Confrontation

The senior NATO intelligence official highlighted the significant risk of Russian confrontation, both in military and economic terms. The official warned that Russia’s military posture and behavior had become more aggressive in recent years, with an increased focus on modernizing its military and expanding its capabilities. This has included the development of new weapons systems, such as hypersonic missiles and unmanned underwater vehicles.

The official stressed that while NATO remained committed to dialogue with Russia, it was also prepared to defend its members against any threat. The official added that there was a need for greater cooperation between NATO and its allies to address the challenges posed by Russia’s aggressive behavior. This included working together to strengthen cyber defenses and protect critical infrastructure.

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