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Minimizing Radiation Exposure for Smartphone and Tablet Users EU Guide

Ultimate Quick Guide to Smart Device Safety: Minimizing Radiation Exposure for Smartphone and Tablet Users

Smartphones and tablets have become essential gadgets in our daily lives, but it’s important to use them safely and minimize radiation exposure. This comprehensive guide will cover important safety tips for smartphone and tablet users, including considerations for children and young people.

Modern Mobile Communication Standards: LTE and 5G

Contemporary mobile devices often transmit using LTE or 5G standards, which generate lower levels of electromagnetic fields compared to the GSM standard. When connecting, LTE and 5G devices start with the lowest transmission power and increase it as needed, whereas GSM devices start with maximum power and then self-regulate to the necessary transmission power.

Selecting Low SAR Devices

To reduce individual exposure, choose devices with low Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) values. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection provides information on the SAR values of mobile devices available on the market. A device is considered low-radiation up to a SAR value of 0.5 watts per kilogram when held next to the ear during a call. You can find SAR values of mobile devices currently on the US market here

Tips for Reducing Radiation Exposure

Through mindful behavior, we can minimize our radiation exposure during daily device usage. Here are some practical tips for smartphones and tablets:

  1. Use a headset: Make calls using a headset for both smartphones and classic mobile phones.
  2. Surf with good reception or Wi-Fi: Access the internet and emails only when there is good reception or using Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi networks usually have lower transmission power than GSM, LTE, or 5G.
  3. Check emails manually: Access emails manually only when necessary.
  4. Avoid emails during calls: To keep personal radiation exposure low, turn off background data traffic and avoid receiving emails during phone calls.
  5. Observe minimum isolation distance: If you carry your smartphone on your body, maintain the minimum isolation distance provided by the manufacturer and use the supplied carrying accessories.
  6. Maintain distance from the body: When surfing the internet with your tablet or smartphone, keep the device at a sufficient distance from your body to reduce exposure to high-frequency fields.
  7. Choose low SAR value devices: Opt for devices with the lowest possible SAR value when purchasing.
  8. Consider the Quantacase: The Quantacase is a protective case designed to shield you from your smartphone’s electromagnetic radiation. By using a Quantacase, you can further reduce your exposure to harmful radiation.

Smart Devices and Children

Minimizing children’s radiation exposure is crucial, as they are still developing and may react more sensitively in terms of health. Here are some recommendations specifically for children and young people:

  1. Deactivate mobile data transfer: Disable data transfer via mobile communications to allow your child to receive calls and play games offline while on the move.
  2. Limit online gaming: If online gaming is necessary, it should be done at home using a Wi-Fi connection, and the duration should be kept within reasonable limits for reasons beyond radiation protection.

By following these tips and guidelines, you can ensure safer smartphone and tablet usage for yourself and your family, minimizing potential health risks associated with radiation exposure. Remember, a mindful user is the key to safe and responsible smart device usage.



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