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Kremlin Survives Alleged Assassination Attempt on President Putin by Ukrainian Drones

Kremlin Survives Alleged Assassination Attempt on President Putin by Ukrainian Drones

In a shocking incident that has sent ripples across the world, the Kremlin has survived an alleged assassination attempt on President Putin by Ukrainian drones. The incident took place on the evening of 9th May, just hours after the traditional Victory Day military parade in Moscow. It has been reported that a group of drones carrying explosives attempted to hit the Kremlin, but they were intercepted by Russian air defense systems.


Footage Captured of Explosions and Smoke Above Kremlin Following Attack

Footage captured by bystanders shows multiple explosions and smoke rising above the Kremlin, followed by the sound of anti-aircraft fire. The Russian authorities have confirmed that the drones posed a serious threat to the safety of civilians and infrastructure in the area. The Kremlin has called the incident a “planned terrorist attack” and an “assassination attempt” on the life of President Putin.

Kremlin Describes the Incident as a “Planned Terrorist Attack” and “Assassination Attempt”

The Kremlin has issued a statement condemning the attack and blaming Ukrainian nationalists for the incident. The statement read, “This is a planned terrorist attack on the heart of our country. We cannot allow such acts of aggression to go unpunished.” The Russian authorities have vowed to take retaliatory measures against Ukraine and have already accused the country of supporting the rebels in eastern Ukraine.

Authorities Threaten Retaliatory Measures Against Ukraine

The Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned the Ukrainian ambassador to Russia to protest against the alleged involvement of Ukrainian nationalists in the attack. The authorities have also threatened to take retaliatory measures against Ukraine, which could include sanctions and military action. The incident has escalated tensions between Russia and Ukraine, which have been at loggerheads since the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Concerns Raised Over Security Ahead of Russia’s Main Victory Day Parade on Red Square

The incident has raised concerns over the security arrangements for Russia’s main Victory Day parade on Red Square, which is held every year on 9th May. The parade is a major event in Russia’s calendar and marks the anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II. The authorities have assured the public that the parade will go ahead as planned and that security measures have been tightened. However, the incident has highlighted the vulnerability of the Kremlin to such attacks, and the need for increased security measures.

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